It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped Anthony Robbins

By Ian Hardie

It was actually a moment of indecision – will I carry my bag or take a cart?

While standing at the boot of the car I was not paying attention to my body and as a result when I grabbed the bag out something happened

No sudden pain – I didn’t even realize until the next day – although looking back, the fact that my first few shots of the day all went straight to the right for no apparent reason should have been a clue

It wasn’t even that big an injury, just enough to make me stop playing for a while, get my back sorted out

The idea of a blog about golf had been swimming around in my head for some time and I had thought initially it would be mainly based around my search for personal performance, better golf scores and getting onto the Senior PGA Tour eventually

In not being able to play golf for a few weeks and being restless at not being able to play I started to go through my extensive collection of great golf books intending to re-read all of them

However as I was going through things I found and pulled out my ‘old green box’ – a big cardboard box full of old notebooks, papers, partly finished guides and books that I had written during my early years as a teaching professional

As I started to read through the things in there, some of which I had written over 25 years ago

It struck me that the things I was writing about then, the things I suggested and taught to many golfers in the years since are not only still relevant but would be useful to millions of golfers worldwide today

When I think back now, the thing that set me apart from other teachers was my ability to explain to people how to improve their golf in simple terms and most importantly to the people I helped, very quickly and easily

As I went further down through the box I realized that while outwardly I had been focused on my own game

When I thought back through the various different golfers I have played with over the past 3 years, I was inwardly still silently watching them on the course, thinking how I could help them play better or score better

Once a teacher, always a teacher I suppose

A passage in one of my notebooks that was written back in 1987 jumped out at me;

“I am becoming increasingly immersed in the study of why the majority of golfers never perform even close to their potential, why millions of golfers are embarrassed and frustrated by their seeming lack of ability at golf.”

On the next page was a list of questions;

–          why after their initial attempts at playing, do the vast majority of new golfers find that golf for them is difficult, not fun?

–          why do huge numbers of new golfers worldwide, give up the game within their first 2 years?

–          why is it that there are so many regular golfers are embarrassed by their seeming lack of ability?

–          why are there so many frustrated golfers out there?

–          why do most new golfers experience that their golf actually gets worse after the first few months of playing?

As I read this my own two questions, relating to my game that I have thinking about for the past couple of years popped into my head;

–          how does a player regain the form and level of scoring they had when they were younger?

–          why do the majority of golfers never perform even close to their true potential? 

So here we are, the moment of indecision that day at the boot of the car was a fork in the road

Unknown until afterwards that a path had been opened up and a decision made

This blog will have a lot of different themes running through in it’s exploration of the questions above

It is in a way a total review, questioning and relearning of all that I know and have experienced about golf

In the effort to help all levels of golfer around the world to play better, enjoy their golf more and reach their true potential

For more than a couple of shots or a few holes a round

Maybe in conducting this search for information to help you, as a by product I will get my personal performance back to the level I was once at and then head past that towards my true potential


It seems more likely that it will help your golf game even more

Play well

Ian Hardie