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When I began considering doing this blog, my first thought was to research information available on the internet about golf, playing better etc to see if there was anyone out there doing what I thought I would do – I found that there are currently 3 distinct main types out there and none of them seemed that useful to me;

Forums / Chats / Debates – people that spend endless hours debating whether one player is better than another or whether they should change their driver shaft to one that is 3 grams lighter or whether a certain golf bag has enough pockets

This blog isn’t like that.

Poo in a nice wrapper – people who are clearly trying to make a quick buck by trying to sell you limited or basically crap information that some one else has actually produced in a different format or by using a long sales pitch (try my free 2 week course and then buy my $2,000 course) or the other one you see a lot, this $29 product has all these other things worth $397 with it for free – really?

This blog isn’t like that.

Swing Jockeys  – people trying to get you to believe that they have the answer to all your golf problems if you just swing it like player X or use some old magic technique. This stuff just fills you your head with technique thoughts most of which will be contradictory and generally leads to more frustrated golfers and poor scores. Think about it – can a 5’6” bank clerk with 3 kids who plays once a week actually swing it the same as a 6’2” tour pro who has lived golf for 20 years with a team of 8 experts assisting him with every aspect of his game and unlimited practice time and facilities – really?

This blog is definitely not like that.

In fact here is my basic philosophy on the swing – in playing with and teaching golf to thousands of different people over the years I have noticed 2 main things;

  1. all golfers are physically and mentally different from each other and there is no one correct way to swing the club or hit the ball.
  2. most players do not play to their true potential, give up very soon after starting or become frustrated golfers – due to the information they are given (and the way they are helped when they start) not a lack of ability.

In a very early piece of writing I did, I explained it like this;

“The key to people finding enjoyment in golf is not following a lot of theoretically correct positions and actions, it is about finding ways for them to use whatever their physical abilities are, to play consistent shots that lead to consistent rounds of golf at whatever level they strive for.”

So what is this blog about then?

A pure stream of information which will enable you to think about your golf differently, adjust your habits and take that to the course to improve your game.

For more on where this information comes from read About 

And by the way, it’s free.

How can you do this for free?

As this is all about the information and something I just feel compelled to do, I have where possible chosen either the cheap or free option for all that is required for the blog.

Some of the posts and sidebars will have links to be able to purchase my books and other books I find interesting from Amazon or similar, if you choose to purchase them in theory I will get a portion of the purchase price – the proceeds of which go towards the running costs of the blog.

Other than that at this point in time it’s free.

Where is all the stuff you see on other blogs?

As my intention is to download my thoughts, experiences and information and maintain a pure stream of information on how to play better golf simply and consistently

You will also notice that the format is very simple, there is no big golf scene header and there is a minimum of pictures in most posts

It’s just a stream of pure information to allow us to get onto the task at hand – simply better golf.

Can I contact you?

I am however aware that you may have questions you would like answered, specific problems you think may interest other readers or suggestions as to things that could be explored in the blog posts – if you feel moved to do that – click on this link which will take you to a contact form

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes, I am more than happy to consider your guest post as long as it is going to be relevant to my readers and it will be promoted to your readership as well – just use the contact form link here to start a dialogue and we can see where it may lead

One more thing……………..

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Play well


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