How to get the most out of your golf lessons


“Every golfer scores better when he learns his capabilities.”Tommy Armour

By Ian Hardie

As you read these words, somewhere, a golfer will be taking a golf lesson

In fact, even though I don’t have any real data to back it up, I’d suggest that during virtually any minute of any day there may well be more than one golfer taking a lesson somewhere in the world and possibly as many as ten or even twenty

However, as this suggestion was found by one of the many simple equations that I do each week (which I admit, could be entirely incorrect) I’d suggest that you read my disclaimer here before going any further or at the very least ignore all the maths stuff!

The equation I used to come up with this suggestion was as follows:

There are 525,600 minutes in a calendar year (60 minutes x 24 hours x 365 days) and it’s estimated that there are around 100 million golfers around the world – which if we take the minutes available in a year as a percentage of the amount of golfers – gives us 0.5256%

I’m pretty sure that more than 0.5% of the golfers around the world take golf lessons and in reality I’d suggest that the number of golfers who are actively taking golf lessons at any one time

Is closer to 5 – 10% of the amount of golfers in the world

Taking into account variations from country to country, seasonal factors like weather and things like whether lessons are compulsory to start the game – which I think is the case in approximately 15 countries currently – it’s fairly reasonable to assume that the number of golfers taking lessons may be higher

Than 10 or 20 golfers taking lessons, every minute, of every day around the world

Now while the number of golfers around the world taking golf lessons at any one time – still probably isn’t as high as it really should be – illustrated by the fact that even with all the advances in equipment technology over the past 30 years or so

The average handicap of golfers around the world is now higher than it was back then

Something that I think has been driven by the marketing machines of the various golf equipment manufacturers over the years by their ‘our new club will take all your problems away’ style of advertising and helped along by a significant amount of the people in the golf industry around the world – who quickly figured out they could make easier money by selling the golfers the new clubs every year or two – as opposed to

Spending the time and effort required to actually help them improve their golf

A mind-set that is best described as a “silver bullet” one – which according to Wikipedia:

“The phrase typically appears with an expectation that some new technological development or practice will easily cure a major prevailing problem. It is quite possible, however, that this usage derives from a confusion of ‘silver bullet’ with ‘magic bullet’”

Now, it really doesn’t matter whether you call that mind-set a “silver bullet” or a “magic bullet”

As it doesn’t only apply to golfer’s expectations of how new clubs will help their game

It also comes through in their expectations of how golf lessons will help them or to be more accurate – that “silver bullet” mind-set that has golfers thinking that new clubs will transform their game – has a lot of golfer’s thinking the same way when it comes to golf lessons

“All I need to do is turn up and the golf teacher will fix everything during the lesson”

If you have ever experienced learning any other activity or have had golf lessons before – you will no doubt be well aware – that it isn’t as simple as that

So, let’s take a look at the things that you need to do to get the most out of your golf lessons

Starting with one of the three things that need to happen before you even get to booking your golf lesson

Yes, you read that right – three things!

The first of which is to make the decision to improve, solve the problem or learn

I know that seems like the actual purpose of what a golf lesson is but in reality many people turn up for golf lessons around the world simply because they think they should have them or because another golfer has told them that they should have them

Meaning that they possibly aren’t going to be 100% committed to the outcome and as a result – they may not end up with the feeling that things are at least on the improve – if not completely sorted after the lesson

Wondering how that can make a difference?

Think of it this way – the experience that you have when attending a party or event because you think you should or are expected to attend it – is normally a totally different experience than you would have attending a party or event because you want to be there

A similar thing happens when you go to a work related seminar because it’s expected that you should attend versus attending a seminar you have chosen to go to as you are really interested in the subject – the experience is normally significantly better when we want to be there as opposed to having to be there

Want another example?

How about if you go along to a fitness class with someone else to support them or help them get started – do you have the same experience just being there or would you be more likely to have a better experience if it was your class or ‘thing’ that you were attending?

As usual I could go on with a big list of examples but I’m sure you can see by now that the examples above illustrate that as humans – we simply aren’t as connected to what’s going on

If we aren’t 100% committed and ever so slightly excited about what it is we are doing

Golf lessons are absolutely no different in that respect – so to get the most out of your golf lessons – the first thing that you need to do is to make the conscious decision to commit 100% to improve, solve the problem or learn as best you can during the lesson

I’m going to take a look at the other two things that need to be done before you book your golf lessons which will help you to do just that in ‘How to get the most out of your golf lessons – part two’

Until then

Play well


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