Are you a frustrated new golfer – part three?


“Golf is the only sport I know of where a player pays for every mistake. A man can muff a serve in tennis, miss a strike in baseball, or throw an incomplete pass in football and still have another chance to square himself. In golf, every swing counts against you.”Lloyd Mangrum

By Ian Hardie

In the post Are you a frustrated new golfer – part two? I outlined a bit of a gap between the various images that new golfers have in their head about the game of golf and the actual reality that goes on when they get to the golf course

Well O.K, I admit it’s more than a bit of a gap – more like a chasm I suppose

Whichever way you want to look at it, the result of the first tee shot of the day for a new golfer doesn’t usually sail effortlessly down the middle of the fairway like the pros ones do

As most often in that situation the new golfer either doesn’t hit the ball at all, just manages to hack it forwards a few yards

Or hits a screaming slice into the trees on the side of the fairway

Something that’s not really surprising when you consider what is actually going on during the hitting phase of a golf shot

Let’s look at what it takes to hit the golf ball at all;

The golf action in its simplest form is a bunch of rotations

You are rotating your entire body one way to make your back swing

Then turning it all back the other way to start your down swing

While accelerating a club that is between 35 – 45 inches long

That you are holding with both hands which are theoretically working in unison

To deliver the clubs hitting face that is about 3 inches long

Back to a position within a fraction of an inch of where it started

While it is moving at anywhere between 60 – 120mph

In order to strike a golf ball that is 1.68 inches in diameter

Although as it is a sphere the actual part you hit is more like 0.2 inches

To do this you require the controlled and sequential use of 96% of the muscles in the body

Read that bit again and you will understand why some of your shots don’t go so good!

Once you have hit the golf ball (if you did)

You expect it to fly straight in the direction that you think you are aiming to hit it

But it seldom does as you may already know, not to mention that after figuring all that out – you then have all the subtleties to work out

Like how far it is from where your first shot finished to the green

Whether or not you can hit over the lake or creek that’s in front of you

Navigating your way over tall trees or out of deep rough

Not to mention sand traps and other hazards that you need to negotiate

Then once you finally get to the green

You need to figure out how to read the green which is supposed to help you

To gauge the speed and direction that your putt will take to the hole

Before you ultimately and finally get the ball in the hole

Some people would think that doing all that is enough for a day

But of course, that’s only a single hole that you have played!

Then you get to do all that 17 more times before you finish your round 

A good analogy that can be used when thinking of new golfers

Is to liken learning golf to a baby learning to walk and then developing through life

At first the baby starts to pull themselves up, then after a while they can stand

Then they take a tentative step or two, then the first wobbly steps, then sort of walking

As all this is happening there is a lot of falling down

A few tears and a lot of failing but instinctively as humans – parents don’t try and correct the babies technique

Give the baby an analysis of its step pattern or suggest it tries to do it another way

Parents simply keep encouraging the baby to keep trying until they get it

That’s a big cornerstone of how you need to learn golf by the way!

And when they finally walk, they praise them flat out

Is that how you are trying to learn golf or are you getting tied up in the adult mentality of analysing stuff, trying all sorts of different techniques and theories?

As a new golfer, your level is more that of the baby just learning to stand and just like the baby, the best way you will learn this game is to keep trying some extremely basic things until you can produce golf shots that are consistent

No amount of science, theory or opinion from every golfer you meet is going to change that

But it certainly would be helpful – if like the baby learning to walk – you had someone to personally encourage you along the way

Providing the things you need to know to learn the entire game

Including how to hit the golf ball every time of course, in easy to understand, small parts

That arrive every few days – just as you need them – to build on your knowledge and skills to continue your development in the game

Do you think it would help if you were able to have someone that could personally guide you along the way while you are learning the game of golf in an extremely effective and low cost way?

I think a lot of golfers around the world will find it to be extremely useful and it’s something I’m not far off being able to do

For you, another golfer, family member or workmate that is struggling to ‘get their head around’ the game of golf

If that seems like a good idea to you then click on this link which will take you to my contact form where you can let me know you are interested

(Note: you won’t be signing up for anything by doing this – it’s just so I can let you know when it’s ready)

Once you get there, just look down the page a bit to the section that says I’m interested in your new program that will help guide golfers through their first few years of playing golf in an effective and low cost way, select the part that applies to you and then hit the SUBMIT button

It’s going to be a little while longer until it’s ready to go but by doing that you will be the first to know when it is!

Until then

Play well


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