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The Essential Golf Habits of 2014



“If you are going to duff it – duff it a long way!”Syd Rangihika

By Ian Hardie

In the post ‘The Essential Golf Habits of 2013’ I summarized what was on the surface a pretty productive writing year for me – producing 176 articles and publishing 2 books

I could play golf when I first started and How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

Things have changed a bit during 2014 – I haven’t published any new books and over the past year the number of articles I have published has slowed somewhat as I have purposely moved from posting once every three days to once every six days

By the time 2015 starts – there’s only going to be a new article on Golf Habits once a week

Now, this hasn’t happened because I’m running out of things to write about – in fact it’s for a completely opposite reason

I have been working away on a few things – just like bamboo does underground

Which if you weren’t aware – bamboo, unlike all trees emerges from the ground already at their full diameter, and then quickly grows to their full height in a single growing season

So the reason for the widening of the gap between Golf Habits posts and the lack of published books in 2014 – is the exact opposite of ‘running out of things to write about

I have been putting together three programs to help golfers around the world – yes, you read that right – three programs!

The first program is called 7 Days to your best year of golf ever

Which as the title describes is a short but extremely powerful 7 day program that will enable you to work through some ideas that will allow you to set yourself up for your best year of golf ever by doing some extremely simple things

The second one is called the Discover golf program

It’s a longer program that is aimed at supporting and guiding players of any age, gender or experience level that are somewhere between starting the game of golf but yet to become a competent golfer – which is roughly 50% of all the golfers in the world – through their first few years of playing the game

The third program that I am putting together is called “Golfer To Zero”

It’s still someway off being done but when it is – it will be a program that assists golfers to do what it takes to get them to that ‘scratch handicap’ they have always dreamed about

So even though I don’t have a lot of things to show ‘above the ground’ for the past year – I’m pretty happy with my efforts as well as being excited about launching the programs I have been working away on to help the golfers of the world play better and enjoy their golf more

I think that 2015 is going to be an extremely good year for all Golf Habits readers!

Anyway, back to the task at hand of my annual collection of the best or most effective articles for the year – like most things – there’s a bunch of different ways that I could go in terms of compiling my list

In The Essential Golf Habits of 2012 I based my list on the most read posts or pages on Golf Habits during 2012

Last year in The Essential Golf Habits of 2013 I based my list on the posts that I was told had been the most useful through the various forms of feedback that I receive from readers

This year I thought it would be fascinating to take a look at what the newest Golf Habits readers see when they first find the website through the many search engines that index my articles and suggest them to people searching for answers around the world

Meaning that ‘The Essential Golf Habits of 2014’ has been compiled from the articles that have been most frequently read by people that have arrived via an internet search this year

As usual they are in no particular order – just a list of the 18 articles that have been

Most frequently read by people that have arrived via an internet search this year:

Another simple way to stop shanking while on the golf course                    

How to hit a sand wedge from the fairway and its part two  

My best ever simple putting tip, its part two and its part three

Some of my best tips for playing golf in the rain                    

How to deal with a golfer who cheats, its part two and its part three             

Don’t hit the ball out of a sand trap

Why wear a golf glove?                     

Ball position in relation to your feet, its part two, its part three and its part four              

How to hit a fairway wood

Do you swing the golf club too fast? and its part two

Why does my driver slice but my 9 iron goes straight?

Are you playing golf often enough to improve?

Do your putts always come up short?

Do you feel tired after golf?

My golf shots don’t go straight and its part two

A simple way to stop shanking while on the golf course

Coring – is it really done because the greens staff hate golfers? and its part two

Why do a practice golf swing?          

Keeping the head still while playing golf

Keen to read some more after that?

Spend some time going through the Archives of Golf Habits to view all of the 385 articles that are on Golf Habits currently – but only if it’s raining hard, snowing or dark where you are – because if it isn’t you should be out playing golf!

By the way, the easiest way to make sure you get your weekly Golf Habits post in 2015

Is to subscribe by email to get it automatically sent to you

You can do that by clicking here and following the instructions

Once you have done that, take a few minutes to think about someone you know who either already plays golf or wants to start – that would benefit from reading Golf Habits or joining one of the three programs that I will be launching soon

Do them a huge favour by sharing or forwarding this on to them now!

And of course I hope that in the coming year of 2015 that you continue to

Play well


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