The Essential Golf Habits of 2013


“If you can’t outplay them, outwork them.”Ben Hogan

By Ian Hardie

In the post The Essential Golf Habits of 2012 I wrote that I was pretty excited

Not about the fact that it was the 100th post I’d written on Golf Habits

Which hadn’t existed just a little over 6 months earlier

Rather I was excited about the possibilities that 2013 held for Golf Habits

I’d have to say that having produced 176 posts and published 2 books

I could play golf when I first started and How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

I’m pretty happy with my efforts over the past year

Not to mention still excited about the possibilities that the years ahead hold

When I put together The Essential Golf Habits of 2012 last year

I based it upon the posts that had been most read over that year

However, as Golf Habits has grown exponentially over this year

The number of ways that it is viewed and shared around the world means that

It’s extremely difficult to collate those numbers now

So instead of the 18 most read posts and pages from Golf Habits over the year

This years’ list is simply based on the posts that I have been told have been the most useful

Through the various forms of feedback that I receive from readers around the world

It’s still a list of 18 – as of course 18 holes is a round of golf for most people

Well, it still is at the moment anyway although whether that will be the same

In ten or twenty years’ time – I’m not so sure with the way things are changing

Anyway, in no particular order here are the 18 posts and pages

That I have been told were the most useful for Golf Habits readers over 2013

How to deal with a golfer who cheats

Are you playing golf on auto-pilot?

Books and Guides

Why the word ‘relax’ won’t help your golf

Why should a golfer have breakfast?

Coring – is it really done because the greens staff hate golfers?

I could play golf when I first started

Which is your dominant eye?

Who should get custom fitted golf clubs?

So it’s true – golf lessons actually can help you get better at golf!

Does the time of day that you play golf make a difference?

What this is (and isn’t)

‘Keeping the head down’ while playing golf

Why wear a golf glove?

How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

10 rules for a better game of golf

One of golf’s pro secrets

Why you need to seriously consider drinking while playing golf

Still want to read some more?

Spend some time going through the Archives of Golf Habits

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And of course I hope that in the coming year of 2014 that you continue to

Play well


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