Some of my best tips for playing golf on a windy day – part two

eiffel tower

“When the ducks are walking, you know it is too windy to be playing golf.”Dave Stockton

By Ian Hardie

In the post Some of my best tips for playing golf on a windy day

I suggested that if I asked most golfers to pinpoint the part of their golf game

That is most affected when they play on a windy day

They would mostly say it was ‘their driver’ or ‘tee shots’

Because the effect of the wind on them is the most noticeable of course

In terms of just how much the wind moves the golf ball around or ‘off their intended line’

Some golfers though would suggest that it is ‘approach shots’

As the wind may affect the golf ball just enough in the air

That instead of hitting the green you miss it to either side or come up short

While other golfers would suggest that the most affected part of their game

Are ‘par 3 tee shots’ – with the wind giving a similar result to that of ‘approach shots’

The ball being affected just enough that you miss the green instead of being on it

You may recall that I finished the post by suggesting that even though a windy day

Can affect those parts of your game a lot – none of them are the most affected

I’m sure you will have worked out by now that there weren’t too many things left

Which means that in my experience the part of your game most affected by a windy day

Is of course the part of the game where we are attempting to be the most accurate

Which is when we are on the putting green – looking to ‘hole a putt’

To help illustrate that idea let’s take a look at a drive that is hit well

But is pushed say 10 to 20 yards off line as it flies through the air

Most often it simply lands in a different part of the fairway or in the rough

But has little or no effect on your score as you can still play a shot to the green

From wherever it is the drive finishes on the golf course

Likewise, an approach shot being played into a par 4 or 5 green that misses

By a yard or two as well as a par 3 tee shot that misses the green due to the wind

Still generally leaves the opportunity to get up and down

So the golfer can score the same as if they had hit the green

As long as they can hole the putt when they get there

Which means that while playing on a windy day may well be more challenging

It doesn’t necessarily mean an instantly higher score for the golfer

Unless they don’t do anything to adjust their putting stance

And start missing putts by an inch or two to the side of the hole all day

Not sure what I’m talking about?

The reason why most golfers generally score higher on a windy day

Is that they use the same putting stance for a windy day as they do for a normal day

Which for most golfers I see – is fairly narrow – with the feet being quite close together

Which means they invariably get blown around a bit as they are about to putt

Or sometimes – as you may have experienced – while they putt on a windy day

That movement that the wind causes on their body due to the narrow base they have

Is usually able to effectively disturb their careful lining up or precise putting stroke

Just enough so that the putt shaves the edge of the hole and misses

Which as we all know – still counts for one shot

As does the tap in for your next putt!

So while the winds effect on your driving, approach shots or par 3 shots

Certainly can make things interesting and are quite visible on a windy day

The wind will have a much greater effect on your golf score

If you don’t create a better base for your putting stance on a windy day

How do you do that I hear you ask?

Next time you get to the golf course on a windy day

Make sure you have enough time to spend a few minutes on the putting green

To experiment a bit with your putting stance

The first thing you need to do will look a bit odd but you are a golfer so who cares!

Hit a few putts just standing on one leg – which if it is windy enough

Should allow you to feel all sorts of body movement as you putt

Then hit a few putts with both your feet together

Which should feel a little more stable but the wind will still have an effect

Once you have done that progressively widen your feet in your putting stance

So that you begin to look a bit like the Eiffel Tower in the image above

Keep going with widening your feet until you get a feeling

Of being able to stand very solidly in the wind

Solid enough, so that you can rotate your shoulders to putt the golf ball

With minimal or no movement in your lower body at all

Even when it’s really windy!

Adjusting your putting stance like this will go a long way towards helping you

To make your putts and keep your score going

Regardless of how windy it is on the golf course that day

Play well


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