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How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can


“If you are going to duff it, duff it a long way”Syd Rangihika

By Ian Hardie

A while back I wrote the post Driving the golf ball as far as you possibly can

In which I talked amongst other things, about an unusual experience that I had

While heading out to the practice area with a golfer who made a statement

That I had never heard a golfer make before

It turned out that the other golfers he regularly played golf with

Had got into his head so much about ‘slowing everything down to hit the ball’

He had decided that if I told him the same thing in his first lesson

That he was going to give up playing golf – his exact words were

“If I have slow everything down to hit the ball – why play the game at all?”

I couldn’t agree with him more but you also may remember that it got me to wondering

Just how many other golfers had actually given up the game over the years

Simply because what they thought they should do in terms of how hard to hit the ball

And what they really wanted to do were completely different

I decided that it may well be quite a few and I think that there is a real possibility

That millions of golfers around the world are under the false impression

That they can’t hit the golf ball as hard as they would like to and still play well

I mentioned at the end of that post that in the not too distant future I was going

To have my second book ready for you to buy and read, well as you may have noticed

From the image at the top of this post – it’s ready to go now!

How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can – without buying a new driver or doing any exercises

Is a simple easy to follow step by step guide which will allow you to develop your driving

By firstly providing you with an understanding of just what you need to do

Then giving you a bunch of different experiences to apply to your game

All of which will allow you to develop your ability

To drive the golf ball as far as ‘you’ possibly can

And before you start thinking this is all about elite level golfers

Who can already hit the golf ball ‘for miles’ and just want to hit it further again

That’s not entirely correct either, as in actual fact

The golfers who can benefit the most from driving the ball as far as they possibly can

Are the golfers who hit the ball a relatively short distance compared to other golfers

Consider a golfer that currently hits the ball 80 yards off the tee and then has a fairway wood distance of 60 yards

Let’s imagine that over the period of a few weeks our intrepid golfer

Takes the information inside this book, works on it a bit and manages to add 20 yards to their drive

It’s not as difficult as you may think

Also bear in mind that the 20 yards they add to their drive should also directly add another 10 yards to their fairway shot

You’ll understand why that happens when you read the book by the way

What difference do you think that can make to their game?

A couple of shots better a round, maybe three or four at best?

You’d be wrong if you guessed that low and even if you went way out on a limb

And said a stupid number like say 10 shots – you’re still going to be too low

How about 22 shots better per round?


No, it’s actually quite easily achievable as you can read about in the book

The mind-set of trying to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

Not only helps the elite golfer score a few shots better a round

It can dramatically transform any golfer’s game

Even if they are what would be considered to be a short hitter to begin with

So is the book all about elite golfers, testosterone, manliness and ego?

In actual fact those are the golfers that will get the least help from the book

The golfers who are going to get the best outcome from following my advice

Are those who don’t hit too far for a start

It makes no difference whether you are old or young, new or experienced, male or female

Everyone can change their game and scores by driving as far as you possibly can

By following the six main basic points that the book covers then blending them with some controls and fine adjustments

That will allow you to keep the golf ball on the golf course while you are driving it much further

As well as few other handy ideas that will then allow you to really take

Your new found distance and turn it into a major advantage on the golf course

To get hold of a copy of my latest book ‘How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can’


As a printed book click here 

As a Kindle book click here 

By the way – if you don’t have a Kindle – click here for a whole bunch of free alternatives which will allow you to read the Kindle version

Play well


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