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Why you need to seriously consider drinking while playing golf – part two

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“Keep close count of your nickels and dimes, stay away from whiskey, and never concede a putt.”Sam Snead

By Ian Hardie

In the post ‘Why you need to seriously consider drinking while playing golf

I covered the effects that not being hydrated properly while playing golf

Can have not only on your body

But also how dramatically it can affect your golf performance

I have to admit that I didn’t realise

That when the feeling of being thirsty comes to mind while playing

That we are already over halfway towards being dehydrated

Thinking back, I have probably been at that stage many times on the course

Without realising exactly what was going on

So now that we know just how vital it is to stay hydrated during a game

How do we do it?

Well firstly, as this post is heading off in sort of a medical direction

Before you read any more of it – make sure you read my disclaimer

You may remember that the study I talked about in the first post – used golfers with an average weight of 75kg

As dehydration is measured in terms of percentage of body weight loss after the activity

The study numbers were as follows;

Golfer’s weight before game 75kg

Golfer’s weight after game 73.5kg

Which gave a 1.5kg weight loss during the game

So the dehydration percentage was 1.5kg / 75 kg x 100 = 2%

Luckily though, the golfer drank 500ml

Of what I assume was water during the round

Which if they hadn’t of would have had them over the 2% danger point

The reason I am giving you this example is so you can work out your own percentage

And therefore start to work out

Just exactly how much hydration you need to have over a round of golf

It’s as simple as weighing yourself with accurate scales before you start playing

Then again after your round of golf

Before you have refuelled at the clubhouse!

Divide the amount of weight lost over the round by your starting weight

Then multiply by 100 to get your percentage

Ideally you would end up with a result of less than 1%

Bear in mind that when trying to work out what works best for you

That your intake will vary significantly depending on the time of day that you play

As well as the time of year and the climate of the area you are playing in

I’m sure you have figured out by now that if the weather is hot and humid

That you will have more sweat loss than say, a cold day in winter

Also bear in mind that all of us are different and our bodies will react in their own way

So now you know how to figure out exactly how much hydration you need during a round

What’s the best way to get it in there?

There’s no prize for guessing that it is better

To drink regularly from the beginning of the round

As opposed to taking infrequent large loads on-board

A rough guide that the study provided was

To try and drink 150 – 250ml every 15 – 20mins

That seems a lot to me

As if you drank the maximum recommended over say a 5 hour round

That would be 5 litres or 1.32 gallons of water!

Which I think might start to actually have the opposite effect and weigh you down

Not to mention how many toilet stops you would need

And how tired you or your caddy would get lugging all that water around!

That’s why I think it’s important that you follow my suggestion above

And figure out exactly what works for you

Look out for ‘Why you need to seriously consider drinking while playing golf – part three’

Where I’m going to take a look at such questions as

Is water best or should there be something in it?

As well as the best way to rehydrate after the round if necessary

Until then start figuring out how much you need during a round

And of course

Play well


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