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How to hit a hybrid or rescue golf club


“I don’t believe in taking much of a divot, especially with the longer irons. You want to barely comb the grass through impact. It’s the only way to catch the ball on the second groove up from the bottom of the clubface. That’s where you want to make contact: on the second groove.” – Moe Norman

By Ian Hardie

One of biggest advances in golf club technology over the past 20 years is the modern development of the group of golf clubs referred to as hybrids or rescues.

I say ‘modern development’ as in reality there have been many similar clubs that I can recall over the years but as the golfers that had them usually only had one of them in their golf bags – they were never considered to be ‘useful enough’ to become the replacement for the long irons that were once part of every set of golf clubs.

Either that or no one had ever sat down and thought about the benefits of using a bunch of them in a set to make the game easier for the average golfer because of well, you know, about 600 years of tradition in the game of golf that found golfers who could use long irons with some success to be held in high regard, while those golfers who couldn’t were considered to be…………………….

I’ll leave you to fill in that gap I think. Continue reading How to hit a hybrid or rescue golf club