Do you have the right size golf grips?


“Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still going to be pretty good.”Johnny Miller

By Ian Hardie

Having been involved in the golf industry for the better part of the last 30 years, I have as you would imagine – seen a few changes in the game and the way it’s played

As well as seeing plenty of innovations when it comes to the equipment golfers use

Some things though, like the size of the ‘standard’ golf grip have remained the same throughout that time – which is a bit strange, when you consider that one of the main things that has changed in the 30 or so years I have been in the golf industry – is the size of the average golfer

This is an observation that is based upon anecdotal evidence by the way – as I have no scientific proof whatsoever to back it up – so read my disclaimer here before going any further or believing anymore of this posts content

I do however recall that as a young golf professional – the footwear and clothing available in the golf shop

Came in a different range of sizes than is available in a golf shop these days

For example – I used to have a bit of trouble getting golf shoes to fit my size 11 feet – as men’s golf shoes back then used to commonly be between sizes 6 to 10 with my size being quite rare

In a modern golf shop you would be hard pressed to see many men’s golf shoes smaller than about size 7 ½ – as the bulk of the shoes now range between sizes 9 to 13 – with 14’s and 15’s easily available

Clothing is the other thing that seems to have changed a lot

The traditional size range of small to extra-large – now seems to include double and triple extra-large sizes as common place

Golf gloves have followed the same pattern as well – with the traditional size range of small to extra-large – also now featuring the sizes of double and triple extra-large as common place

Now you might be thinking – “so what if people are bigger than they used to be?”

The problem is that even though the length of most golf clubs has grown a bit over the years to accommodate bigger people than before – highlighted by the fact that the average set of clubs these days is a couple of inches longer than they used to be

The standard grip size hasn’t changed at all – even though golfers are in general wearing larger clothing, shoes and gloves – which must by definition mean their hands are bigger in proportion

Isn’t it odd that the standard grip size hasn’t kept pace with the growth in people?

Especially, when you consider that any decent golf teacher or club fitter around the world will place a fair bit of importance on having the right size golf grips for each golfer hands to enable them to be able to control the golf club properly while hitting

Personally, I go one step further than that and encourage the golfer’s I teach to have every club in their bag not only fitted with the right size grip but if possible I suggest

Completely matching them all – to aid in their consistency of feel throughout the game

Consistency of course is something that nearly all golfers would like more of – so if that applies to you – check out this post, that post and this other post for some ideas on raising your level of consistency on the golf course

The traditional belief that golfers have had over the years is that the wrong grip size will either help (if it’s too small) to generate hand action (theoretically producing a hook) or hinder (if too big) hand action (theoretically producing a slice)

I’m not going to enter the debate as to whether those assertions are right or wrong

As when you consider the fact that most golfers tend to slice more than hook and that most golfers will be using grips that are too small for them – it’s a pointless idea

What the wrong size golf grip does contribute to – that will be of far more interest to most golfers – is a loss of distance

Yes, you read that right – a golf grip that is too small will cost you distance!

If the grips you have on your clubs are too small you will have to grip the club tighter than is ideal – simply to gain control of the club – regardless of whether you are wearing a golf glove or not

Causing the muscles of your hands, forearms and arms to tighten up……………….

Something that I spend quite a bit of time talking about in the book How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

Which if you don’t have a copy of your own yet – you can find one here

As you will no doubt appreciate by now – getting the right grip size is an extremely important thing that all golfers should be aware of

Like most things in golf – there many different ideas and guidelines that have been created by the various golf club manufacturers, grip companies and custom club-fitting experts to measure the size of golfers hands and fingers

Which result in an indication of the right grip size for each individual golfer

The other day I came across a really good and simple online one – which you can find here

(just make sure you have a ruler that shows “inches” before you start the questions)

Not only does it easily suggest the right size grip for you – it also asks a couple more questions so that it can suggest

The best type of grip for you in terms of feel and the weather you play in most often

Which is a considerably more useful way to choose the type of grips that will help your game  than the normal method that most golfers use – of liking the colour or how they look, the lowest price or what grip the golf shop recommends this week (because they have too many in stock)

I must point out that this great online guide is on the website of a golf grip company

Whose sole purpose seems to be to sell you new golf grips – frequently – which is actually a good thing as I wrote about in this post

However, I would like to remind you that I am not endorsing their company, brand or products in any way by suggesting that you use their guide (although I suppose if they wanted to contact me here – I could consider doing that)

Anyway, take a couple of minutes to check it out and if the result that you come up with is different than the size or type of grip that you have on your clubs currently or you still aren’t sure of what you should have on your golf clubs

Do something about it as soon as you can!

As having the right grip size – really can make a massive difference to your game

Play well


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