Stop practicing your bad golf shots!


“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”Brian Tracy

By Ian Hardie

Those of you who have been reading Golf Habits for a while now

Will be aware that quite often the things that I write about or the suggestions that I give

Are a little different to what most golfers think should happen on the golf course

Well ok, I suppose that I should point out that in general

They are almost directly opposite of what most golfers think

But as you will no doubt be playing better golf or enjoying your game more

As a result of implementing my ideas that have been formed

From over 30 years of playing, thinking about and teaching the game of golf

The fact that you are doing things a little differently than most

Probably won’t be worrying you too much

I know the golfers I have talked to who are out there improving their game significantly

After reading this book and implementing the ideas – seem pretty pleased

Today however I am going to introduce you to an idea about improving your game

That is really going to ‘push the envelope’ as they say

Like everything else I suggest though – I have seen this work extremely well for a golfer

So for the rest of this post (and probably most of the other parts that will come after it)

I am going to ask that you just ‘play along’ with what I suggest and see what develops

Because your initial reaction to what I am going to outline with this idea will be that

“Ian is actually as mad as Frankenstein after all – I thought so!”

But fear not as I’m not going to talk about bringing life to a monster made up

From various body parts ‘that just happen to be lying around the laboratory’

Which is what the image at the start of this post is of if you were wondering

Instead I’m going to outline a method I successfully used a few years back

To reduce a golfers handicap from 21 to 14 over a period of four months without

Looking at the golfer hit a single golf ball or giving them any ‘traditional’ golf lessons

Now you may be wondering why a golf teacher who makes his living from teaching

Would write about improving a golfer’s game without giving them a single lesson

And the answer is quite simple

As you would have read about in the series of posts Do you really need golf lessons?

Each different type of golf lesson is useful for golfers at specific times in their development

Which means there are also times in a golfers life that for the golfer to really improve

They need to go out there on their own and put it all into practice

To ‘take the training wheels off’ and find their own golf game

The golfer I’m talking about in this post was at just that point

Having started golf around two years earlier the golfer had gone through

A series of beginner sessions as well as having some individual golf lessons

Which is how they had managed to get to a 21 handicap in that time

Like a lot of golfers that play the game at that level

The golfer’s rounds were generally made up of some extremely good shots

Shots that were good enough, that if the golfer was able to string a bunch of them together

Would allow them to play to way better than a 21 handicap

But then there were also a lot of ‘bad shots’ during their game

You may know what those ‘bad shots’ I’m talking about are from experience

Now traditionally what would happen with a golfer in that situation is that

They would head out to improve their game by practicing ‘their bad shots’

To enable them to ‘get rid of them’ and leave only good shots

Which is what you would logically expect to be the right way to improve your golf game

But as you will read about in ‘Stop practicing your bad golf shots – part two!’

That’s not what this golfer did…………………………

Play well

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