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Back nine for 2014


“The fun part of golf is the variety of shots. In football you can do anything with a ball, but you can do anything with a golf ball as well. When you hit a shot and the ball does exactly what you want it to do … that’s wonderful. It’s just great when you hit the ball well. You should always try not to make the ball cry.”Johann Cruyff

By Ian Hardie

As I wrote about in the post Front nine for 2014 I first came up with the idea of doing a collection ‘of the most read posts on Golf Habits every 6 months or so’ quite early on in the development of the website – which meant that back then

I was able to easily compile a list of the ‘top’ one’s being read around the world

The exponential growth over the last couple of years combined with the various methods of publicising my articles that I use mean that I now have no way of being able to accurately track which posts are being read the most and are therefore ‘top’

Instead of stopping the collections I figure that the best thing I can do is to compile the list of ‘top’ posts that have been published over the last 6 months – in terms of how effective I think that they may be

For the many thousands of golfers around the world who read Golf Habits

It’s not an easy task to do – as I put a fair bit of effort into making every post I publish as useful and informative as it can possibly be – so in reality I should probably make it a ‘top 46’ (the number that I have posted since Front nine for 2014 if you hadn’t guessed)

Actually, before I get onto the Back nine for 2014 – those of you who have been paying close attention will have noticed that over the past few months the gap between posts has increased a little

Going from a post once every three days to once every six days and it will continue to increase by one more day in between – so that by the time 2015 starts

There will only be a new post added to Golf Habits once a week

Now you might think this has happened because I’m running out of things to write about but you would be wrong, in fact very wrong!

As the reason for the widening of the gap between Golf Habits posts – is the exact opposite of ‘running out of things to write about – as I have in fact been

Working away at putting together three programs to help golfers around the world

Yes, you read that right – three programs!

I know most other people would do one program at a time but as you will be aware after reading Golf Habits for a while – I’m not like most people

The first program (available soon) is called “7 Days to your best year of golf ever”

Which as the title describes is a short but extremely powerful 7 day program that will enable you to work through some ideas that will allow you to set yourself up for your best year of golf ever by doing some extremely simple things

The second one coming (early in 2015) is called the “Zero To Golfer” program

It’s a longer program that is aimed at supporting and guiding players of any age, gender or experience level that are somewhere between starting the game of golf but yet to become a competent golfer – which is roughly 50% of all the golfers in the world – through their first few years of playing the game

As you can imagine putting these two programs together has taken up a fair amount of my time and will continue to do so over the next year as I roll them out to the public and guide people through them for the first time

By the way, if you read all that stuff above and feel that your are already a competent golfer who has a good level of skill, combined with an understanding of the etiquette and the other necessary things that go into playing every game of golf – you might be more interested in

A third program that I am putting together is called “Golfer To Zero”

It’s still someway off being done but when it is – it will be a program that assists golfers to do what it takes to get them to that ‘scratch handicap’ they have always dreamed about

So now you know why the Golf Habits posts have been spread further apart than usual, let’s get down to the business of picking out nine that are the very best from the past 6 months

As usual they are in no particular order – they just happen to be the nine posts that I think have will have been the most effective or useful to the readers of Golf Habits for the second half of 2014

Even if you have read every one of them before – I’m sure they are worth another look

As to change your golf of course, you have to change the way you think!

So put aside some time, grab a hot or cold drink (depending on where you are and the time of day), get comfortable and enjoy reading these again:

Easily the longest series of posts I produced was the ten part (yes, ten!) epic:

7 Signs that you might be a negative golfer which was followed by part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine and part ten

Possibly a bit controversial was the post:

Why watching free videos on the internet is unlikely to help your golf and its part two

The most interesting posts that I researched for were:

The best male golfer ever (so far) and its part two

And of course equally as interesting were the posts:

The best female golfer ever (so far) and its part two

In terms of golf instruction – it’s hard to go past this extremely useful post:

How tight should you grip the golf club when driving?

Three things you either weren’t aware of or wouldn’t normally think about were:

How to find the sweet spot on your golf putter

Why do golf putters have loft?

Do you have the right size golf grips?

I’m going to finish the Back nine for 2014 with a couple of posts that while writing them

Have actually changed my personal opinion as to how I would approach the subject

Which is great as that is the entire point of Golf Habits as you can read about here

Why do some golfer’s take their golf glove off to putt? and it’s part two

So there you have them – the ‘top’ nine posts for the second half of the year

If you are keen to read some more, have missed a few throughout the year or if this is your first time reading Golf habits – why not spend some time going through the Archives to view the other 383 posts that are on Golf Habits currently?

By the way – if you haven’t already done it – the easiest way to make sure you never miss a post on Golf Habits

Is to subscribe by email to get all Golf Habits posts automatically sent to you

You can do that by clicking here and following the instructions if you haven’t already

Once you have done that, I would like to ask you to take a few minutes to think about someone you know who plays golf or wants to start – that would benefit from reading Golf Habits or joining any one of the three programs I have been working on

Please share this with them and allow them to discover the same great stuff about the game of golf that you already have!

If either of the two programs that I am about to launch – “7 Days to your best year of golf ever” and “Zero To Golfer” or the slightly further away “Golfer To Zero” program – are of interest to you – click here to send me a message

That way I will be able to let you know as soon as they are ready to join

And of course I hope that you continue to

Play well


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