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Transferring your weight to hit the golf ball – part two


“If you want to hit your golf ball farther, hit it better.” – Jack Nicklaus

By Ian Hardie

In the post Transferring your weight to hit the golf ball I suggested that like all the other bits of ‘public information’ that I have written about previously on Golf Habits;

Keeping the head down while playing golf, Keeping the head still while playing golf, ‘Keeping the left arm straight’ while playing golf and Taking the club straight back.

As well as writing an entire book about them all called I could play golf when I first started.

Which by the way, has helped many golfers’ around the world to liberate themselves from the wrong beliefs that other golfers keep perpetuating and as a result.

Improve their golf games quickly and easily by following the ideas in the book.

‘Transferring your weight’ to hit the ball as you start the downward action is a piece of advice most golfers simply take too literally.

Which results in you losing any chance of having ‘good sequencing’ of your golf action.

To put it in simpler terms, the massive weight transfer that a lot of golfers have been convinced is the right thing to do – actually robs most of them of distance, accuracy and consistency with their shots – at the very best and at its worst, it is one of the main causes of that shot.

That you may have heard of or experienced before during your golf career – ‘the slice’. Continue reading Transferring your weight to hit the golf ball – part two