Why most people struggle when learning golf – part two


“Golf is a game in which attitude of mind counts for incomparably more than mightiness of muscle.”Arnold Haultain

By Ian Hardie

In the post Why most people struggle when learning golf

I wrote that one of the things about golf that makes it hard for people to learn

Is that there are so many different skills and aspects to the game of golf

That need to be not only learnt but also used at the right time during every game

Not to mention all the etiquette, rules and social niceties you need to know!

Most established golfers seem to have ‘forgotten’ their own development in the game

Where they too would have been struggling to learn the game (or to even make sense of it!)

I’d suggest that every one of you reading this will have taken some, if not many, years

To acquire the knowledge and build the skills that you now use during each game you play

With a large amount of mistakes made and poor shots played along the way

Yet when a new golfer just learning the game looks at you playing on the golf course

All they will see is the current result of all those years of struggle

Pause for a minute here and consider how far you have come with your own game of golf

How different is it from when you went to a golf course for the first time?

The new golfer as you may have just remembered – is in a dramatically different ‘space’

Their limited skills and knowledge of the game is something that they will be very aware of

Creating a mental ‘mountain for them to climb’ that seems almost impossible

You may recall from that first post that to illustrate my point I took a look at

The process that most people would use to learn how to sing a song

Which is something that almost all of us will have done at some point in our lives

Just like golf, whether you are any good at singing or not – doesn’t change whether

You enjoy doing it – rather your talent (or lack of) may impact on the others around you

I’m not going to go over the process of learning to sing a song again

As you will already know it either from experience or reading that first post

What I do want to talk about further is the reason that people who try doing it

Don’t end up learning the song – which is due to the fact that they either don’t

Repeat some of the basic steps enough times to really ‘get the song’

Or if they do – they only do certain parts of it – meaning that effectively

They are lacking in the repetition necessary to learn the whole song

It’s exactly the same reason that most people struggle when learning golf

Due to the fact that most of them don’t repeat the basic skills enough

Or if they do it will generally be only specific shots that they repeat a lot

The phrase ‘Hold it like this and whack it with the driver!’ is responsible

For a lot of the problems that new golfers have because as you may know

Driving is the part of the game of golf which probably has the least effect on a golfers score

Something that millions of golfers around the world doing this too often should consider

Just being able to drive the golf ball off the tee – doesn’t make a golfer

It does however make a good contestant for this competition though!

Anyway, back to our new golfer who although they may be able to tee off adequately

Then proceeds to miss, hack, whiff, bash or shank the rest of the shots that they play

With little idea of why that is going on and even less idea as to how to change it

No wonder most of them give up within their first couple of years of playing!

It’s almost as if someone needs to find a way to help these new golfers

Learn everything that they need to know about the game of golf at their own pace

While encouraging them and supporting them along the way at a reasonable cost

Over the first couple of years of their golf career which is the most critical time for them

I’m pretty close to launching a way of doing just that for the new golfers of the world

Which I’ll be telling you more about soon

Until then

Play well


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