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Project fifty five – part two

55 million1

“I’ve had a team working on this over the past few weeks and what we’ve come up with can be reduced to two fundamental concepts. One: People aren’t wearing enough hats. Two: Matter is energy……..What was that about hats again?……..Oh, Uh.people aren’t wearing enough…….Is this true?……..Certainly. Hat sales have increased but not pari passu, as our research……..”Not wearing enough”? Enough for what purpose?”­ The boardroom scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

By Ian Hardie

It’s been sometime since I published the post Project Fifty Five

In which I discussed the fact that I had been struggling to start ‘playing golf’ again

Which didn’t actually mean that I wasn’t able to play the game at all

It meant I was struggling to regain the high level of performance

That I had been at for a significant period of time over the past 30 years

I initially wrote the post after I had realized that the periods of time

When I had played really well over the years

Were when I was heavily immersed in golf and the golf industry

Looking back at that post, the interesting thing was what I said next;

‘And with lots of others things in my life these days – I’m not able to be that immersed

So blogging has allowed me to do that a little more than just playing’

Having been back in the golf industry for a while now

I’m starting to become heavily immersed in the game of golf again

Which if I followed my original intentions when I picked up the game again

Means I should be starting my preparations to get my game back to the level

I think it needs to be at to compete on the Senior Tour

Trouble is, I still have a little part of my brain thinking something that I said in that first post

‘I’m not entirely sure how much use that is to other people’

Having been away from the golf industry for a reasonable period of time

But now being immersed in golf again I’m noticing a few things

That really need to be addressed over the next ten years or so

As if they aren’t – I’m not so sure that there will be a golf industry

At least not one that looks anything like what we have currently

It’s almost as if the scene from the Monty Python film “The meaning of life”

That I have quoted above is playing out in real life in the golf industry all around the world

Instead of focussing on the important points that will ensure the games survival

Or at the very least that most of us will still have a golf course to play on in ten years!

By the way if you think I’m getting a bit carried away with the doom and gloom prediction

Take a look at this article from the USA and this one from Scotland – to see what I’m talking about

Coming back into the golf industry after a significant break it seems to me

That an awful lot of people in the golf industry around the world are more focussed

On whether or not golfers are wearing enough hats, shirts, shoes or shorts………………

Which of course means that a lot of golfers look very nice on the golf course these days

However that won’t be all that important if there aren’t enough golfers playing the game

Or there aren’t enough courses to play on due to course closures around the world

I’m not going to go much further on this subject today

As I’m working on something that I think will go some way towards helping this problem

It’s going to be aimed at the significant number of people who start the game of golf

Only to give up the game before they have reached their second year of playing

As well as the golfers who could best be identified as ‘casuals’

These two groups don’t seem to be served that well by the golf industry as a whole

Due to a whole bunch of reasons that I will outline soon

In fact they have always been treated as if they were just collateral damage

Or as something that just has to be ‘put up with’

I describe them and what’s traditionally happened to them as golf’s ‘little problem’

The ‘little problem’ that everyone in the industry knows is there but does very little about

This group of golfers though – holds the key to the future

Every year around the world about 5.5 million of them start the game of golf

Full of expectation but lacking on a whole bunch of other stuff

Like good information, confidence and support as they learn the game

If nothing is done to address this large group of new golfers that turn up every year

Only to quit the game within the first year or two of them playing

Or stay as casual golfers as opposed to becoming regular players

Then over a period of say ten years – that’s 55,000,000 potential golfers

Who will drop out of the game with their first two years of playing the game

Or continue to pay green fees rather than club memberships

It’s a significant number of golfers – isn’t it?

I think its enough golfers to not only keep a bunch of courses open

They could help to save the golf industry and maybe even grow

Our 600 year old game that is golf

Play well


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