Do you know too much about the golf swing?

too much

“Dividing the golf swing into its parts is like dissecting a cat. You’ll have blood and guts and bones all over the place. But you won’t have a cat.”Ernest Jones

By Ian Hardie

The other day I happened to overhear a conversation between a couple of golfers

Actually, to be more correct one golfer was talking – a lot – and the other was listening

With the subject being something that many golfers like to talk about;

That extremely unnatural collection of movements that golfers do called ‘the golf swing’

It turned out that the golfer who was talking was very busy ‘helping’ the other golfer

To try and improve their game with some sort of secret move or technique

That was apparently – ‘the only way things should be done’ – this month of course!

As I listened to the conversation unfold, it reminded me of the times when

I had met similar golfers over the years – all of whom were convinced that golf…………….

I’ll come back to what they think about that soon but first I’m going to tell you about

A game of golf I played with a golfer like that many years ago – a golfer that I expect

You have probably encountered yourself on a golf course somewhere along the line

They are fairly easy to recognise, as you are probably aware, as they are the golfer’s

Who will tell you – just how much they ‘know’ about the golf swing as you play

The one I’m talking about here was no exception to that rule, as I’m pretty sure

This golfer ‘knew’ the most about the golf swing of anyone I have ever met

At least that’s what they thought anyway – as the ease at which

The golfing terminology flowed from their mouth during the game was astonishing

Every shot that they were about to hit was preceded by a rundown of whatever

Theory or part of the golf action that the golfer was going to attempt to control

Or some other thing that they were going to try and do during the shot

There was talk about being ‘on plane, off plane or having two planes’

Which made me wonder whether the golfer was a pilot in their spare time!

Vast descriptions of how they were going to pronate this or that during their back swing

Quickly followed by suggestions of ‘rolling this over and then dropping that’ under

As well as an almost constant commentary of whether things were meant to go

Inside or outside some sort of imaginary line at various times of this golfers swing

There was much talk about having the golfer’s weight spread 46% to 54%

Not only between their left and right foot but also from their heels to toes

How anyone could even attempt to notice such a slight difference – I’m not sure

There was also a lot of focus on whether the golfer’s weight transfer during the shot

Was going to provide an adequate finish to the shot and correct follow through

I’m sure that almost anyone who played with this golfer would have been wowed

By their extensive knowledge of golf terminology and swing theories

Not to mention that this golfer was more than willing to share that information

With anyone who cared to listen – something I discourage as you can read about here

There was however one teeny, tiny little problem this golfer had though

Well ok, to be honest I thought it was a fairly glaringly, large problem

Despite ‘knowing’ all that stuff – the golfer couldn’t play golf very well at all

In fact, I found out after the game that the golfer actually had never broken 100 in a game

Many years of extensive study of golf magazines and golf videos

All of which were full of content that dissected all the theories of the golf swing

Hadn’t helped this golfer’s game in the slightest

As the golfer sliced, topped, muffed and hacked their way around the golf course

Performing at a level that is considerably worse than the average golfer plays

It doesn’t really make sense – does it?

How can a golfer ‘know’ so many things about the game of golf

Yet exhibit so little application of that knowledge when playing the game?

I’m going to tell you why I think that happens all too frequently soon, in the post

‘Do you know too much about the golf swing – part two?’

Until then

Play well


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