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The Little Book of Shanking

“Drive for show, Putt for dough, Shank for comic relief.” – Anonymous.

By Ian Hardie

Got the shanks?

Would you like to be able to sort them out quickly and easily for only a few dollars?

Maybe, you had the shanks some time ago?

Are you interested in making sure that they don’t return to your game?

Does someone that you play golf with regularly have them?

How great would it be, to be the golfer who suggested the thing that helped them to sort them out?

I’m sure that for those of you reading, who currently have or have previously had the shanks, that even those few mentions of the word so far – will have made you slightly apprehensive.

In fact, let’s face it, the shanks are a part of the game of golf that a lot of golfers not only wish, didn’t exist – they get so wound up about its very existence.

Or the past experiences that they have had with the result of a golf shot that the word describes on the golf course – that they don’t ever want to hear the word used at any time.

Regardless of whether its use relates to the game of golf or not!

Something that is a little tricky, considering that it has over a dozen different meanings in most dictionaries but when it’s used in regards to golf though, the definition of this word doesn’t really go any way towards describing just how destructive it can be to a golfer’s game or state of mind on the golf course.

As you are no doubt aware, if you currently have or have previously had the shanks.

The reality is though, that hiding away from the word and the entire subject isn’t going to sort the problem out for them in the long term – although it may do for a round or two – because as soon as they have had a single one of them on the golf course.

There is always that little question mark in their head as to when they will return.

Isn’t there?

It’s a part of the game that is guaranteed to make golfers very uncomfortable when playing with another golfer who they know ‘has them’.

I can only assume that it’s because a lot of golfers around the world, seem to think – that you can actually ‘catch them from another golfer’.

I’m not sure if that’s really possible by the way but I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry!

On the golf course, the first reaction for most golfers who experience a shank or two – is to immediately begin tinkering with their golf swing or the myriad of other things that golfers misguidedly think causes this problem.

Something that isn’t going to help them much, as once they have had more than a couple of them – the solution for the problem can’t be simply a mechanical adjustment of technique.

You might want to read that bit again.

The biggest concern for most golfers that have them though, are the massive feelings of self-consciousness that are generated when they appear during their game.

Something that doesn’t seem to be addressed with most of the advice given or books that have been written on the subject – until now, that is.

While a lot of golfers around the world shank regularly (one will have been hit somewhere in the world as you are reading this bit) in my experience, each sufferer tends to believe that no one else could possibly be going through the exact same things that they are with this problem.

Well, somehow, I don’t think they are alone in dealing with this golfing problem.

Want some proof?

While has been going for a few years now, with hundreds of articles on it that are aimed at helping golfers to play better golf – there have only ever been three.

That’s right – only three have been written about the subject of shanking.

Which at the time of writing this, means that they make up less than 1% of the articles on the website but here’s the interesting bit – golfers searching for answers to this problem account for just a shade under 10% of the entire website’s traffic each year.

That’s an awful lot of golfers around the world needing a hand.

So, I decided to put a book together to be able to help golfers around the world to solve this problem properly and quickly without having to spend hundreds of dollars on golf lessons.

It’s called The Little Book of Shanking and it’s a blend of everything that’s needed to be understood to be able to sort out the shanks quickly, easily and cheaply.

You can find out more about it and how you can get hold of a copy here.

While you are there, on my brand new Ian Hardie Books website you might want to make sure you sign-up for my New Releases Newsletter (or you can do it directly here) as very soon, I’m going to publish a bunch more interesting and informative books about golf but in the meantime, if you or someone that you know is struggling with the shanks.

I’d suggest that you check out The Little Book of Shanking.

Play well


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