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Why learning how to play short game shots is a must for new golfers


“On the course, what is feared is like a magnet. Water, bunkers, trees, ravines, high grass – whatever you fear turns magnetic.”Wiffi Smith

By Ian Hardie

You may have noticed if you have been reading Golf Habits for a while

That lately I haven’t been publishing quite as many posts as I used to

The reason for that is that I am spending a lot of time currently working on a new project

Something that’s a bit different but if it comes together in the way that I think it will

Is going to pretty useful to an awful lot of new golfers around the world

It’s a little early to say any more about it yet but in the meantime

I thought I would share a small part of it that I put together a few days ago

There are a couple of bits that are blanked out at this point – you will find out why later!

Anyway, you are about to read a small bit of a new free guide that I will be releasing soon

Which at this point is titled The 7 most common mistakes that new golfers make

………….……The term ‘short shots’ or ‘short game’ as most golfers know it when applied to golf effectively means any shot that is played with a less than full swing being made at the ball – that isn’t played on a putting green

For ease of identification the ‘short shots’ can be broken down into three main categories

Comprising of ‘pitch shots’, ‘chip shots’ and ‘sand shots’

All of which are generally a bit of a puzzle to most new golfers because in the beginning as you are not doubt aware

The golfer’s focus is taken up predominantly by thoughts of just hitting the ball at all

Or if that’s able to be achieved with some consistency – full shots and drives

Adding in thoughts of adjusting things like how the golfer is standing, the length of their back swing or changing this or that

To produce the subtleties required to hit good short shots is simply

Too much for the new golfer to think about meaning that more often than not

The new golfer who may finally have strung together a couple of good shots down the fairway on a hole

Then takes a further 2 or 3 shots to get onto the green from a distance where they probably could have thrown the ball on!

It’s a frustrating situation that you may have experienced yourself but it could play out a whole lot differently if the new golfer knew how to ‘pitch the ball’

Which is why there is………………….that outlines all you need to know about the subject of ‘pitching’ in golf

In a similar fashion, later in that same round the new golfer may hit an extremely good shot on a par 3 and be close to the green

But once they get to the place where their ball has come to rest

They see that it is nestled down in that long grass that’s often around the edges of the greens called oddly enough – ‘greenside rough’

Not knowing what club to use or how to even play a shot out of the greenside rough

The new golfer just grabs an iron and starts trying to hack the golf ball out

Their first shot at it may only move a foot or two forwards, as could their second attempt and their third go at it may then go shooting across the other side of the green

Leaving them another chip shot back to the flag, then another, then a couple of putts for an easy 8 on the hole

Just think about that for a minute………………….

A shot from the tee that would probably have allowed an experienced golfer to ‘get up and down for par’ or in real terms make a score of 3 on the par 3 hole

Turned into a score of 8 on the par 3 hole for the new golfer who had very little idea of what club to chip with or how get the ball out of the greenside rough

Are you starting to realise the importance of learning to play short shots early on yet?

Being the smart golfer that you are I’m sure you are and as you might imagine there is of course ……………………that outlines all you need to know about ‘chipping’ – as it’s a pretty important part of the game that to be honest – most regular golfers don’t know much about

However, by making the effort to learn a few basics about both ‘pitching’ and ‘chipping’, then spending some time having a few goes at the various shots

The new golfer can quite quickly reduce their scores or at the very least make the game a lot more enjoyable to play – as well as much less frustrating!

The last part of the three basic things that make up the short game – is the one that strikes fear into almost all new golfers……………………

I’m going to leave that sneak preview there for now

But as you may have already realised that was an extremely small part of a project

That I think is going to pretty useful to an awful lot of golfers around the world

I’ll let you know more about how it’s coming along soon and in the meantime

If you don’t know much about how to play the short game shots that golf requires

It might be a good idea to find out more about it by taking a short game lesson or two

Play well

This guide is now available – click here to get instant access to it


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