Stop trying to control your body and get on with hitting the golf ball – part three


“Swing easy and hit hard.”Julius Boros

By Ian Hardie

In the post Stop trying to control your body and get on with hitting the golf ball – part two

I talked about the fact that I always used to think that Sam Snead’s famous quote

“You gotta dance with who you brung”

Related to the ball flight produced during a round of golf on any given day

However, after reading through a few of his golf books again recently

I think that Sam Snead was actually suggesting the very same thing that I wrote about

In the book I could play golf when I first started which is that you simply

Cannot try and consciously control any part of your body while playing the game of golf

If your game isn’t going well – you must do the best you can to finish the round with whatever shots you are hitting – then afterwards or the next day

Work on your action away from the course on the practice area or at a driving range

I went on to use some of that book to illustrate what I was saying and how it fitted with what I assume that Sam Snead was meaning when he uttered that famous quote

Finishing just before the part where I use an example of how exactly what I’m talking about above happens every day around the world in an area of life away from the golf course

Take a look at the following and see how it might help you;

………………………Have you ever had to train a salesperson during your working life Pete?

“Certainly, I was manager of our training program before I became vice president”

When you had a new salesperson start did you take them straight out to meet with one of your biggest clients, give them the goal of closing a big deal without having much knowledge about it, try to teach them about sales in the middle of the presentation and if it started to go badly recommend that they take some advice from the copy machine repairman who happened to be walking past?

“Are you kidding, I would be crazy to do it that way, there is nobody on the planet that is stupid enough to do that!”…………………….So Pete, how do you go about training a new salesperson in your organization?

“Well, I would start by teaching the person about our products, their benefits and how to promote those benefits to our current and prospective clients”

The equivalent of that in golf is learning about the basic controls (stance, grip, contact) and gaining an understanding of what is necessary and how to do it

When would you take your new salesperson to meet with your biggest client Pete?

“Once the salesperson had done a lot of training and I thought that they were competent enough”

Would you start them off by going to see a bunch of smaller clients first?

“Yes, I always find it most effective to have them feel confident with what they are trying to do before they move to the big ones”

In golf the vast majority of people start golf the opposite way, by having their first game on a golf course, with little or no idea of what they are up to

When they would be far better off to start by finding a teacher, finding out what they need to do and then spend some time getting competent and confident before they go near a golf course

“You know, I would have laughed at that before today but after listening to the way that you explain golf I can see that it would have saved me so much frustration, time and not to mention embarrassment if I had come to you when I first started back to golf”

So what about teaching your salesperson during a presentation to a client, which is the direct equivalent to trying to change your golf in the middle of a game?

“Teaching them during a presentation would produce two things. It would confuse the salesperson and worse it would certainly lose the client”

Explain those for me please Pete

“Well trying to teach the salesperson during a presentation would just simply get in the way of what should happen”

Which is?

“The salesperson should take all of their training and knowledge to date and then figure out a strategy with which to present it to the client……………………..If I started to teach them during that time it would interrupt what they had planned, possibly contradict what they were thinking and maybe even get them completely off track and lost”

What do you think they would feel at that point?

“Frustrated, because at that point they would be caught between what they thought they knew and what they have just been told that they should know and have probably completely forgotten why they were doing the presentation at all”

What else do you think they may be considering?

“Probably quitting because they would realize they had no confidence in their ability and a pain in the butt boss”

Frustrated and ready to quit, ever come across anyone like that Pete?

“That is what I said when we first met this morning isn’t it?”……………………

If your golf isn’t going as well as you think it should – the best thing you can do is

To click here and grab your own copy of the book

Play well


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