Could sleeping more help to lower your golf score?


“We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”William Shakespeare

By Ian Hardie

I happened to talk to a golfer the other day who was heading out to play a game

Convinced that they probably wouldn’t play very well

As they “hadn’t had much sleep last night”

That isn’t the first time I have heard a golfer say that over the years and it

Led me to wondering about the effect that the amount of sleep a golfer has

Can have on that golfer’s performance during a round

Because I have to admit I have felt like that many times myself over the years

With the exact same resulting performance that the golfer was predicting would happen!

For most of us the amount of sleep that we get in the days and weeks leading up to

And ultimately on the night before a game – isn’t always that easy to control

Like a lot of other things in our life away from golf

But I think that there may be some benefits in at least attempting to try to control it

So I thought I would do a bit of research into this whole ‘sleep thing’

Thinking that it wouldn’t take me long to find a study somewhere that gave a magic number

And once we all got exactly that amount of sleep

We would all easily become better golfers but unfortunately

‘Sleep’ has turned out to be a much bigger subject than I thought it would be

As there are a massive amount of opinions and studies out there

That all sound very valid and authoritative but unfortunately the vast majority

Contradict each other in so many ways it’s not funny

This means that instead of me finding that there is a certain amount of hours per night

An optimal time to go to bed or other such useful information about sleep

After a while looking into this I’m more confused about the subject than ever

Maybe that’s because according to some of the studies I looked at

I (like most people) apparently suffer from a lack of sleep or sleep deprivation

Which could be clouding the effectiveness of my brain

I’m not so sure about whether that is or isn’t happening though

As I also found a few studies that held the opposite point of view and

Were suggesting that I slept too much and should sleep less!

I don’t know which idea has the most merit yet but I have found out so far

That like the majority of people around the world

For an extremely long time I may have underestimated the importance of sleep

Apparently the attitude of “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”

Doesn’t set the ideal conditions for our bodies to give optimal performance

Not to mention the fact that it contradicts what ‘we all know’ which is

That we should get enough sleep – as it’s important for health in general

But not many of us really pay attention to it that much – do we?

So here’s the first reason that I have found that might convince you do so;

If you don’t get enough sleep before your game of golf

You will be extremely likely to lose focus at some point during your round of golf

Which as you will probably be aware is the major cause of ‘blow up’ holes

By the way if you are new to Golf Habits and haven’t read any of my posts about focus

Check out this one, that one, the other one and this other one to read more

I suppose that what I am really trying to answer is the question

Could sleeping more help lower your golf score?

And I am going to talk a lot more about just that in the post

‘Could sleeping more help lower your golf score – part two?’

Until then

Play well


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