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How many lottery tickets have you bought?

lottery ticket

“You must work very hard to become a natural golfer.”Gary Player

By Ian Hardie

A while back I happened to watch a documentary on television that was about weight loss

Something that a lot of people around the world struggle with on a daily basis

During a part of the documentary that was focussed on highlighting the very small success rate that is the reality of losing weight using the many different systems and diets available

The interviewer produced a succession of people who had tried multiple times to lose weight without much success and in reality

Most of them increased their weight soon afterwards

I can only assume that it was supposed to show that for all the promises that are made and hope that is sold to the people trying to lose weight by the various companies in that industry

Very few people ever actually get to lose the weight that they want to

But then one of the people being interviewed put things into perspective when they asked the interviewer

How many lottery tickets they had bought?

In other words just because the first lottery ticket they bought didn’t win – did they stop buying them or did they keep buying them

With the expectation that one day in the future they might win

Note: I am in no way suggesting that you buy lottery tickets and you probably should be reading my disclaimer at this point

If you want to know the real chances of you winning the lottery you can take a look here

The same idea can be applied to improving your golf game through golf lessons

One lesson on its own will not generally take you from a patch of poor play – the usual trigger that makes golfers look for lessons – through to brilliant golf

If it does happen to do that – here’s what I charge for that result

Sometimes there may only be one or two small points that are covered in a first golf lesson that make a difference to the golfer

Simply because they have been so ‘tied up in knots’ and ‘confused by the other golfers’ that have been ‘helping them’ during their patch of ‘poor play’

Points that if built on with a subsequent lesson or two can start to make a difference and gradually head the golfer in the direction of brilliance

But only if the golfer makes the commitment to go back for those lessons

Realising that improvement in golf is a long term proposition

Or in the terms of the lottery ticket analogy above

If you keep buying a lottery ticket frequently it does at least hold the possibility of winning

As opposed to saying “I bought a lottery ticket in 1978 and it didn’t win – lotteries are a scam!”

Also of interest is that in general lottery winners normally get through their winnings pretty quickly as they aren’t prepared either emotionally nor do they have the skills to manage the large amount of money they receive

Making them susceptible to bad investments and shady characters looking to relieve them of their money

Golfers have a similar problem when it comes to improving the golf

Most are not generally mentally or emotionally prepared to play better golf

Read that bit again as even though it might sound all ‘touchy feely’ – it’s the truth

Having the best golf action in the world won’t help if the golfer isn’t able to deal with the mental challenges that the game presents

The opposite is also true though – as a beginner golfer with a fantastic mental attitude will still be lacking a bunch of necessary skills when it comes to putting that together on the golf course

Let’s go back to lottery tickets for a minute and more specifically – why buy them?

For most people the hope in one day winning the lottery provides them with an extremely quick way to have a better life – that’s the concept right?

“I pay ten bucks for a ticket and if I win next week I can quit my job, buy a big mansion, a Ferrari and sit by the pool all day for the rest of my life – this is too easy”

Insert your own thoughts there – if that isn’t your ideal lottery dream

The reality of course is that very few people ever get to do that yet a bunch of people around the world buy tickets in the hope that it will be them that wins each and every week

Notice I use the word ‘hope’ because the reality is that you don’t have any control over the outcome do you?

Now some people will tell you that they plan to win the lottery but let’s get real here

Buying a ticket and waiting isn’t much of a plan is it?

In virtually every other area of people’s lives the first thing they do after they decide they want something is to sit down and figure out a bit of a plan

A plan that doesn’t have to be massive but its purpose is to guide you along the way as you take whatever steps are necessary to get whatever it is you want to do

That makes sense doesn’t it?

If you decide you would like a new car – there are a few steps that need to happen along the way – like figuring out if you can afford it, figuring out which one of the many available will best suit your current needs, going to drive it to make sure that it does, then working out a deal to get it

I’m sure there are a few other steps as well but those are the sort of things you would work out before you set off – right?

The reason that we have to do this as humans is that most of us don’t have the ability to simply decide we’d like a new car and the next morning it appears in the driveway!

Now before you start thinking that none of that stuff applies to you

Consider what a lot of people around the world do each and every week around the world with a similar expectation

They suddenly have a flash of inspiration that they are going to improve their golf – so they set off on that path by having a golf lesson, buying a book, surfing the internet for some free tips or head down to the local driving range or simulator to ‘work on their game’

None of which are that terribly bad things to do but all of which can easily be classified as something that the golfer ‘hopes’ will work

Much like buying a lottery ticket and waiting for all the money to be delivered

The reality is that if the golfer really wants to improve their golf game they need a little bit more understanding, structure and assistance to get it done

Which is exactly the reason that I created the 7 Days to your best year of golf ever program

It doesn’t take the place of golf lessons, golf books, free stuff on the internet or going to the driving range but it does eliminate the idea of ‘hoping your golf will get better’

As it allows you to identify all the areas of your golf game that need to be worked on, gather all the information that you need together and then put them into action with a

Simple monthly road-map to guide you throughout the next year – so while it’s called 7 Days

It’s actually a year long program that you can do at your own pace

In essence it’s a bit like having me stand beside you every month for the whole year to direct your improvement culminating in you having your best year of golf ever

Read that bit again and just think how useful that would be for you!

If you haven’t checked it out yet – you can learn more about it here

Much like a lottery ticket it will cost you a little bit of your hard earned cash

But unlike a lottery ticket – there’s no need to ‘hope’ that you will win

Instead, I will guide you along the way to coming up with a simple plan that will allow you to have your best year of golf ever

Which to a golfer will probably feel a bit like winning the lottery anyway!

Much like the lottery though, you can only do that

When you buy your ‘ticket’ and get started today – which you can do here

Play well


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