7 Signs that you might be a negative golfer


“There is little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” - W. Clement Stone

By Ian Hardie

Over the past couple of years I have spent a bit of time writing about some of the various golfers that are participants in the game we play

Well, to be more exact I seem to have written about the most noticeable ones so far

Annoying golfers, some of the types of cheating golfers, the frustrating slow golfer and of course not forgetting the club throwers

Judging by the amount of times the posts about those golfers are read around the world – they clearly make up not only a sizeable amount of the golfers that play – they also have a big effect on the rest of the golfers that end up playing with them but I’m going to suggest

That they don’t have quite as big an effect on other golfers – as a negative golfer does

The reason for this is that the words, actions and attitudes of negative golfers will actually rub off on other golfers if they happen to be around them for any length of time

Because negativity is not something that most people instantly react to very strongly

Just read that again and let that sink in for a minute

A golfer that annoys you, who cheats or who plays slowly – is exhibiting behaviours that are probably in opposition to your personal beliefs or attitudes as to how things should be

Which is why you will react quickly and fairly strongly to them!

Negativity on the golf course though, is something that most people accept as part of the game after all,

Who could play a round of golf without having a negative reaction to anything?

No golfer would think twice about questioning the attitude of a golfer who may be having a game that has them getting bad breaks, hitting poor shots, staying in the trees instead of bouncing out and is just overall having a bad round – would they?

They would just accept that the golfer is having a bad day and even though they think that they might not be paying too much attention to all that negativity that the golfer will be either exhibiting or as is most common – swearing or muttering about

The reality is that every word, action and attitude that the negative golfer displays will be being recorded in not only the negative golfer’s sub-conscious

It’s also being quietly recorded in the sub-conscious of their playing partners as well

Just consider all that for a minute in terms of the golfers you would most often play with

Is there one (or more than one) that every time you play a game with them – you end up having a terrible game and more than likely finish the game in a worse frame of mind than when you started?

If so, that golfer (or group) – whether they know it or not – is a negative golfer

The effect they have is that not only do they destroy their own game over time

Frequent games played in the company of them will destroy yours as well!

Now I’m guessing at this point you are doing one of two things;

Either you are making a list of all the negative golfers that you know and wondering what to do next – in which case I would suggest – reading this post and then this post

Or you are sitting there thinking ‘there’s no way I can be affected that much by other golfers’ – in which case I would suggest reading this post and then this post

If you don’t happen to be reacting in either of those ways then I’d like you to;

Think back over the last couple of months and your golf game in general

If your game hasn’t been going well and like most golfers – instead of seeking the help of a good golf teacher to get you back on track – sooner rather than later

Have you been exhibiting the first sign that you might be a negative golfer?

Telling everyone that you meet (who will listen) how bad your game is!

I’m going to take a look at just why that is something that a negative golfer would do in 7 Signs that you might be a negative golfer – part two soon

Until then

Play well


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