Why a lot of new players give up the game of golf within their first two years – part two


“Golf is the cruellest of sports. Like life, it’s unfair. It’s a harlot. A trollop. It leads you on. It never lives up to its promises. It’s a boulevard of broken dreams. It plays with men. And runs off with the butcher.”Jim Murray

By Ian Hardie

In the post Why a lot of new players give up the game of golf within their first two years

I talked about the fact that not much has changed when it comes to the remarkably

High number of golfers who give up the game of golf within their first two years

Of starting to play – even though technology has progressed so much

That there are now considerably more sources of information that people can access

To gain knowledge about the game than there ever has been, yet most people who start the game of golf nowadays

Still don’t get to learn a lot of the things that they need to know!

That shouldn’t be still happening because as any experienced golfer will tell you

It’s all those little extra things that new golfers need to know on top of learning

How to hit the ball every time that will keep them coming back and playing the game

As those pieces of knowledge generally make the game easier and more enjoyable for them

Now while part of the blame for this problem can be attributed to the tendency for a lot of

The participants in the golf industry to place a high emphasis on elite golfers and their needs

Which is fair enough if that’s the area of golf that they are interested in being a part of

It’s meant that new adult golfers don’t get a lot of time and effort put into helping them

Unlike new junior golfers – who have always tended to get pretty good coaching and help

The new adult players at most courses around the world though, are simply are left to their own devices or more alarmingly

It’s assumed that the other golfers ‘will be able to help them to learn’

An attitude that almost guarantees that a lot of them will give up within two years of starting

Now I’m aware that you may be thinking – ‘So what, this doesn’t affect me?’

But it really does as if you take a look around your golf club or the course

You play at most often next time you are there – see if you can work out

Just how many of the other golfers out there will be still playing golf in 20 years’ time

Everyone that’s there right now?

Probably not unfortunately

As the very people that have fuelled the vast growth in the game of golf around the world over the past 50 years or so – otherwise known as the baby boomers

Are going to stop playing golf soon

Well actually, they have already started to do that as you may well be aware

This is going to be a major challenge for the majority of golf clubs, golf resorts and courses

Around most of the world as a big chunk of their membership or customers

That have been playing on the golf courses in return for giving them their money each day, week, month or year for a long time now – are about to stop doing so!

Combined with the ever increasing costs to run the golf courses, the proliferation of other leisure activities that are now available to people and other social trends that mean that people in general will have less time for or even any interest in participating in outdoor leisure activities

It’s going to mean that a significant number of golf courses and clubs will close!

The game that a very large amount of people – including myself – consider to be the best in the world, a game that has been played in some form or other for over 600 years now

Is under attack in most countries due to participation numbers declining

Which is the very reason that it’s critical that something has to be done about

The worldwide problem that’s been a consistent feature of the game for many years now

A problem that no one’s ever worried about too much

As there have always been more people coming along to keep the golf courses going

Thanks to the constant stream of baby boomers taking up the game of golf

And to a certain extent that was probably a good solution

As if all the people that started golf around the world over the past 50 year had stayed on as golfers

Most golf courses wouldn’t have had the capacity to fit them in anyway

I think that’s why everyone in the golf industry has never been too concerned

With this ‘little problem’ of new golfers giving up within their first couple of years of playing

It’s always been viewed as just ‘one of those things’ because everyone knew that

There would be another bunch of new golfers turning up next year and they will fill the gaps being left by the new golfers that are giving up – right?

I’m not so sure about that as the world we all live in has changed a lot in the past few years

While a lot of people in the golf industry and the golf clubs – still think it’s 1970

I’m going to take a bit more of a look at golfs’ ‘little problem’ in ‘Why a lot of new players give up the game of golf within their first two years – part three’

Until then

Play well


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