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Why bother learning golf etiquette – part three?


“If you wish to hide your character, do not play golf.” – Percey Boomer

By Ian Hardie

In the article Why bother learning golf etiquette – part two? I suggested that rather than being a bunch of quaint traditions that don’t really make a lot of sense these days, when you take a close look as to exactly what they are actually all about.

The etiquette required for the game of golf will begin to make sense to you.

As all that you have to consider, are things that could happen or that you might do during a round of golf that would affect the playing or the result of any golf shot for anyone playing in your group.

Regardless of whether it could be caused physically or mentally, which can also be extended to include all of the other golfers on the course that day.

In other words, any sound or action that another golfer could produce that might interrupt your concentration while playing a golf shot that as a result could end up influencing your ball to go in a direction other than the one you wanted it to go in.

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