Why watching free videos on the internet is unlikely to help your golf – part two


“I assume my stance, and take back the club, low, slowly; at the top, my eyes fog over, and my joints dip and swirl like barn swallows, I swing. There is a fruitless commotion of dust and rubber at my feet. “Smothered it,” I say promptly. After enough lessons the terminology becomes second nature.”John Updike

By Ian Hardie

In the post Why watching free videos on the internet is unlikely to help your golf I began to take a look at a destructive way that a lot of golfers are trying to improve their golf game these days – which is by:

Watching the millions of free videos on the internet in an attempt to learn and improve

A problem that has been created by a combination of technology and the very common human instinct to look for the free or cheap option for anything – long before paying for good advice becomes an option

While it’s a nice thought that you could learn the game of golf by watching a few free videos

I’m not entirely convinced that is the case when it comes to most golfers

As not only do the bulk of the videos contain information that is confusing, contradictory or in some cases both confusing and contradictory – something I’m going to talk more about later

They also generally have too many distracting things to look at or take in – like the clothes the golfers were wearing, the course or the surroundings that the video was being filmed at, whether it was a sunny day or not, what the golfer’s voice sounded like and how they were delivering the information they had

There are simply too many things going on in most videos that divert the golfers attention away from the information being given which I suppose really means that the chances of you taking in anything useful and most importantly – remembering it – are quite low

You may recall that I finished that last post with a point that I wanted you to consider;

‘As you have been reading this post – your eyes have seen each word or sentence – then sent a message to your brain to make sense of what it is all saying and while you are doing that you are using ‘your reading voice’ which is in your head, not to mention that you have probably been fairly focussed only on those words and nothing else……………….which means that the words I am writing

Are having just as powerful an effect on you as if you were saying them yourself’ without any other distraction being present

Quite the opposite of what’s going on while watching free videos on the internet!

That ‘reading voice’ I’m referring to is the same ‘inner voice’ that helped you to get through childhood, school and adulthood

It’s been in your head during every part of your life that has ever been important

It’s the first thing you hear each day when you wake up and it’s the last thing you are aware of as you drift off to sleep each night

It’s the voice you hear if there is a problem that needs to be solved, a decision needs to be made or if something warrants a celebration

This means it’s a pretty powerful part of you, who you are and how you learn things

When you read something your brain will be paying a lot more attention to those words than you think and as a result – as you will have experienced many times – it’s also why

Most people remember things that they have read better in the long term, than things they have just seen

Contrast that with the videos on You Tube or wherever they are – that are trying to convince you that they can help your golf – which are delivered in ‘that golfers voice’ and as I’m sure you are aware

For whatever reason – some peoples voices – don’t sound ‘right’ to you

So even though you may be watching everything they do – assuming your attention doesn’t wander off and start looking at that leafless tree in the background of the image at the start of this post (or those darn chairs from the first one) – their voice may not resonate with you

Meaning that another part of your brain is thinking ‘I don’t like this person’

Any idea how well you are able to learn from someone that ‘you don’t like’ on some level?

I’m sure you understand that it’s quite unlikely

This reaction to other people’s voices is something that plays out in all other areas of your life

You choose to avoid watching a certain news show, television program or radio station because you don’t like the sound of someone’s voice

You choose to spend less time with certain workmates, friends or family members if you don’t like the sound of their voice

I could go on with a fairly big list I guess but that’s not going to be helpful

The bottom line is that not liking something to do with the person, their voice, the way they dress or the surroundings being used are the main reason that most golfers will end up

Quickly clicking onto the next video to watch, then the next and the next………………………

Which brings about the problem I’m going to talk about in ‘Why watching free videos on the internet is unlikely to help your golf – part three’

Until then

Play well


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