Do you really need golf lessons – part eight?


“One thing about golf is you don’t know why you play bad and you don’t know why you play good.”George Archer

By Ian Hardie

In the post Do you really need golf lessons – part seven?

I outlined the fact that basically there are four main types of golf lessons given

And that their success or failure in most cases – comes down to two things

The first of which is whether or not the golf teacher giving the golf lesson

Has communicated the information that the golfer requires in an effective manner

So that the golfer can not only make sense of it but also apply it to their game

But more critically the success or otherwise of a golf lesson or series of lessons

Usually comes down to whether the golfer taking the lessons

Actually does apply the information and advice given to their golf game

Or whether they choose to ignore it and continue with what they were doing before

All of this means that a ‘sort of equation’ can be created to describe golf lessons

(As equations are outside of my specialist area please read this before going any further)


Information + communication = Understanding + ongoing application = Success


Taking a look at the individual bits that make up the equation we can see

That if you either already have or are easily able to find and digest information

And apply that information to your golf game – you don’t necessarily need golf lessons

Yes – you read that right!

But the reality is that most golfers don’t have the time or the inclination

To sift through the mountain of information that is available about golf, not to mention

The fact that a lot of what they will find – will be useless or even destructive to their golf

Most golfers also simply don’t have the ability to quickly figure out

What is going on with their golf action or what parts of it can be improved

In which case a golf lesson or series of lessons full of useful information that really works

Helps the golfer to learn the game, solve their problems or improve their golf scores

Is exactly what they need!

Assuming of course that the golf teacher they go to see is able to

Communicate that information well enough – so that you ‘get it’ and know what to do

If that’s not the case with your current golf teacher and after you have a golf lesson

You are being left unsure of what to do or completely confused for that matter

Then rather than giving up on lessons, golf or suggesting that golf lessons aren’t for you

Go find a different golf teacher – one that communicates in a way that helps you

To get an Understanding of exactly what it is you need to do to improve

Yes, you read that bit right too!

That nicely brings me to the part – that you the golfer – play’s in this ‘golf lesson thing’

Your task once you have found a golf teacher – that you think can help you

And that golf teacher has given you some things to do, follow or think about

Is to commit to the ongoing application of those things to your golf game

That ongoing application after the lesson is what leads to the Success of the lesson

As without that, most often the golf lesson will have absolutely no effect

Smiling at the golf teacher, nodding that you understand, then not doing anything afterwards

Is never going to help your golf game, meaning you are unlikely to improve

And you have effectively wasted both your time and money having the golf lesson

So finally, here’s the bottom line when it comes to golf lessons

You don’t have to have golf lessons to learn golf, solve your problems or improve your game

Some people are naturally able to find and take in the information then apply it to their game

Most golfers though, for whatever reason are not able to do that

In which case a golf lesson or series of lessons will make learning or improving their golf

A quicker, easier and more enjoyable process

But only if they are willing to commit to putting in some effort afterwards

That effort on their part will result in them learning the game quicker, solving their problems

Or simply playing better and more consistent golf overall

And as that’s what most golfers will tell you they want to do

It seems like it would be a good idea for most golfers to take golf lessons!

Play well


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