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7 days to “your best year of golf ever” – is ready for you to start now!

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“Golf is more exacting than racing, cards, speculation or matrimony. In almost all other games you pit yourself against a mortal foe; in golf it is yourself against the world: no human being stays your progress as you drive your ball over the face of the globe.” – Arnold Haultain

By Ian Hardie

In the article 7 days to your best year of golf ever I wrote about the idea that at some point during each year (usually the holiday season) most people around the world spend

A few minutes reflecting on what has happened to them in their life over the past year

As well as considering the things that they would like to happen over the next year

For golfers, this generally translates to a few minutes thinking about the idea of improving their current level of performance at the game or in other words they will be thinking about:

‘Having their ‘best year of golf ever’ over the next 12 months – or the upcoming season if they happen to live somewhere that has the amount of golf that they can play dictated by the weather for a fair part of the year’

It’s an almost universal thought that golfers have and up until now – it’s been something that most golfers would consider briefly – then realising that they don’t know where to start

The golfer generally thinks “yeah, that would be nice” before their mind starts to wander off and starts thinking of other things like buying another golf bag or the latest shiny new driver

Take a minute to search your memory – have you had those thoughts at some point?

Almost certainly you will have at one time or another over the years – the good news is that today you are going to finally be able to do something about them and take some action

As I’m proud to announce the launch of my 7 days to your best year of golf ever program

That’s right, if you are smart enough (I’m pretty sure that your are) to buy the program today

Within a week you will be well on your way to having ‘your best year of golf ever’

How great will it feel to be able to say those words to yourself in 12 months’ time?

Now you might be thinking that this is a program designed only for ‘the better golfer’ and that it may not suit your current level but you would be wrong!

It actually makes very little difference what level of golfer you are at this point in time

As I have designed it to work for any golfer who has played for a couple of years or more

(Anyone newer than that – needs to wait for my ‘Zero to Golfer’ program that’s coming soon)

So regardless of what the definition of having ‘your best year of golf ever’ would be such as:

Finally attaining that elusive handicap index that up until now has seemed to be ‘just out of reach’, regaining a handicap index that you may have had a long time ago or breaking through whichever one of those scoring milestones that you have yet to achieve in golf

Major milestones like breaking 60, 70, 80, 90 or possibly even 100 for the first time!

If any of those definitions above seem like they are possibly attainable and that maybe, just maybe – you could have “your best year of golf ever”

I’d suggest that you stop reading for a minute and go grab your credit card right now as unlike most of the information that’s available on the Golf Habits website – to get hold of it

You are going to need to exchange some of your hard earned money for it

$47 to be exact (that’s US Dollars by the way) and I put that there now rather than right at the end of it because just like you I hate it when I read about something that sounds really good – decide that I’m going to do it and then when I get to the buying part it costs $$$$$!

Now you might be thinking – ‘I don’t think so; I’ll keep my money and figure it out myself’

But will you really be able to figure out how to do it yourself?

Or could you do with having someone like me assisting you along the way?

“So just what’s in this remarkable program that’s worth $47 then Ian?” – I hear you thinking

The program is made up of 7 parts that will be emailed to you over the next 7 days

Each day has been designed to build upon the previous one and what they contain is the pointy end of 30 years’ experience in helping golfers to improve their golf games – rapidly!

As with most everything I do, the content contains no ‘fluffy stuff’ – just simple easy to understand ideas – that once you have worked through the program over the next 7 days

Will have you focussed to head on out there and have “your best year of golf ever”

For more information about what’s covered in the program you can click here or if you have already decided to just get on with it and have your best year of golf ever you can click here to be taken straight to the page where you can buy it and start within a few minutes

Not surprisingly when it comes most things that I do – the program called ‘7 days to your best year of golf ever’ – doesn’t actually end after 7 days!

I will in fact be checking in on you and your progress for each of the next 12 months

Yes, that’s right – I am actually interested in helping you to ‘have your best year of golf ever’!

The other thing that you should know about the program?

It’s also packed full of information that you simply won’t find anywhere else!

In fact, considering the massive effect the program will have on your golf game over the next year – the $47 it costs for the program is an absolute bargain in reality but I’m aware that not every golfer around the world is able to easily pay the cost

Or willing to commit to putting a bit of effort into their golf game over an entire year

If that applies to you then I’d suggest that the best thing for you to do is to stop reading this and click here to go take a look at the hundreds of free articles that are in the Archives of Golf Habits otherwise you are just going to get to the end of this article feeling

A little upset and angry at yourself that you aren’t going to be doing the program right now

If though, the idea of exchanging $47 of your hard earned money for a program that will enable you to have your best year of golf ever – is something that interests you then I’d suggest that you ‘strike while the iron is hot’ – as they say and get started today!

I’m not going to say any more about right now as it’s one of those things that:

You will be compelled to do without hesitation right now – so click here to start

If you are not quite ready to start today, then I’d suggest clicking here to get onto the newsletter list to receive more information about the program in the future

Then regardless of which option you just took – I’m going to ask for a simple favour from you

Please share the fact that this program is finally available with any other golfers that you know!

Thanks for your time and of course

Play well


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