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The Discover golf program is ready for you to start!

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“The biggest liar in the world is the golfer who claims that he plays the game merely for exercise.”Tommy Bolt

By Ian Hardie

In the article The Essential Golf Habits of 2014 I reflected on the fact that 2013 was a pretty productive year for me – producing 176 articles for Golf Habits and publishing the 2 books

I could play golf when I first started and How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can

Whereas, during 2014 – I didn’t publish any new books and the number of articles I published slowed somewhat as I purposely moved from posting once every three days to once every six days

Ending up at my current schedule which is a new article on Golf Habits once a week

You may recall that the reason for the widening of the gap between Golf Habits posts and the lack of published books in 2014 – wasn’t that I was ‘running out of things to write about’

It was that I was busy putting together three new programs to help golfers around the world

The first one  – 7 Days to your best year of golf ever was released in late February and allows golfers around the world to work through some ideas over a period of 7 days – that will allow them to set themselves up for their best year of golf ever by doing some extremely simple things every month after that

You can find out more about it here if that’s something that might interest you

Today though, it’s all about the second program that I told you about a while back

You might notice that I have changed the name of it prior to releasing it (it was to be called the zero to golfer program) and it is now known as the Discover golf program

It’s a longer program that is aimed at supporting and guiding players of any age, gender or experience level that are somewhere between starting the game of golf but yet to become a competent golfer – which is roughly 50% of all the golfers in the world – through their first few years of playing the game

Please take a minute or two to think if anyone that you know could benefit from participating

So what is the Discover golf program all about?

First of all I’d just like to clarify something that is extremely important

What the words ‘new golfer’ really mean in the context of the Discover golf program – I need to do this as a lot of people would assume that a ‘new golfer’ is someone that is having their first game or two of golf

In reality, the words ‘new golfer’ – describe a lot more people than you’d expect

Ranging from those people who have never touched a golf club, hit a golf shot, been to a golf course or a driving range before – in other words – someone who is interested to start to play the game of golf but has had absolutely no previous experience

Through to people that have had some experience at the game of golf but are still struggling with getting to grips with the game – which encompasses

Virtually all players who are somewhere in their first few years of playing the game

As well as a significant amount of golfers who may have played for quite a few years but have never really had any guidance at the game

Usually they have played the game for some time but aren’t getting any better at it

In fact, most often these players are really struggling with the game of golf but either unwilling or too embarrassed to ask for help from anyone

‘At what point does someone stop being described as a new golfer?’ I can hear you thinking

I use the word ‘golfer’ to describe someone that is a regular and competent player of the game of golf – regardless of how long they have played the game for

This means that they have a good level of skill at the game, combined with an understanding of the etiquette and the other necessary things that go into playing every game of golf

As a result they are able to comfortably produce scores of around 90 or less for an 18 hole round of golf or a score in the mid to low 40’s for a 9 hole round of golf

Which you may be surprised to learn – is pretty much what the average golfer around the world scores

To say it all another way, effectively the Discover golf program is aimed at players of any age, gender or experience level that are somewhere between starting the game of golf but yet to become a competent golfer

Anyway, the idea behind the Discover golf program came from my experience of having spent most of the past 30 or so years – helping thousands of people to learn the game of golf through giving golf lessons

Trouble is, that over the years I have observed a much larger group of new golfers that started the game each year

Who either didn’t see the benefits or couldn’t afford the expense of having regular golf lessons when starting the game

As a result these golfers were pretty much ‘on their own’ out there on the golf course and as a result a lot either gave up the game within their first couple of years

Mainly due to the frustration with the game that nearly everyone experiences or if they didn’t give up

They spent considerably longer than they really needed to take to become competent golfers

I’m pretty sure that was due to a lack of information not a lack of skill!

So my aim with putting together the Discover golf program is to provide you with the closest thing possible to having your own personal golf professional standing beside you teaching and guiding you along the way to really learn the game of golf

Without the hefty price tag that it would have if I was to do it in person!

I know there are a lot of people like you around the world trying to find their way in the game of golf, who fit into that category but instead of me talking more about it:

I’m going suggest that if you want to know more about it that you should go take a look at this page and scroll down a bit until you find the story of someone who you may be able to relate to

As he has first-hand knowledge of the benefits of the Discover golf program mainly because

He was the second person to ever go through the program in its early development

I will point out that Fred isn’t much of an artist – so the cartoons have been added by me (also not much of an artist – I think you will find) to help illustrate what he’s saying

Click here to read Fred’s story

By the way if the images that make up Fred’s story are a bit small – you can ‘double-click’ on each of the images to help you see them better

Once you have finished you can click the links on the Discover golf program page or

Click here to get your own copy of the free guide: The 7 common mistakes that almost all golfers make

As Fred say’s – it’s exactly what started him on the way to becoming a ‘golfer’

One last thing – you may recall that I asked you earlier to take a minute or two to think if anyone that you know could benefit from participating in the Discover golf program

If you have come up with someone or even quite a few golfers that could be interested

Please forward this on or share this with them in some way

Thanks in advance and of course

Play well


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