How to get the most out of your golf lessons – part two


“Golf is the only game where the worst player gets the best of it. He obtains more out of it as regards both exercise and enjoyment, for the good player gets worried over the slightest mistake, whereas the poor player makes too many mistakes to worry about them.”David Lloyd George

By Ian Hardie

In the post How to get the most out of your golf lessons I suggested that during virtually any minute of any day there may be as many as ten or even twenty golfers taking a lesson somewhere in the world

Which now that I think more about it – doesn’t sound like very many really – does it?

Part of the reason that the number of golfers around the world taking golf lessons at any one time – still probably isn’t as high as it really should be – was something that I highlighted in that first post when I discussed the fact that a lot of golfers around the world have been convinced by the marketing machines of the various golf equipment manufacturers over the years

That rather than take golf lessons to improve their game

They can simply purchase the ‘new club or set of clubs that will take all their problems away’

Instead of using the no doubt adequate equipment that they already have and spending a much smaller amount of money

To get some good guidance from a capable golf teacher to help them improve their golf

Now I am aware that being humans – most golfers will generally look to take the path of least resistance and head towards the easiest option of buying the new clubs

Fuelled by the fact that they have the added attraction of helping the golfer to feel better about themselves – as those shiny new golf clubs – always look good don’t they?

Not to mention that somewhere in the golfers brain will be a thought that purchasing them is a chance to show the other golfers they know – just how well they are doing financially

As they can afford to buy new clubs to help them improve their golf

I describe that mind-set as a “silver bullet” one – as the expectation of the golfer becomes

‘My shiny new clubs will stop me topping the ball, shanking all my pitch shots and  eliminate my slice forever – at least that’s what company ‘x’ said on their advertising’

Most of you will be aware that as golfers are in general – not robots – it doesn’t really happen like that on the golf course

Just like the ‘silver bullet’ – which once it’s been fired from a gun – is spent

As soon as the golfer hits a single one of those bad shots that those shiny new clubs are supposed to have taken away forever – the myth of instant improvement is gone

Then what does the golfer do?

Most golfers go back to hitting all those funny shots and over time start blaming those now ‘not quite as shiny’ golf clubs for causing their poor play

Until the next new model of club comes out which is going to………………..

You can guess by now that, the silver bullet mentality just creates a repeating cycle until eventually the golfer either gives up the game or stops looking for improvement at all and creates an ‘I’m no good at golf attitude’

There is however one other reason that has golfers buying new clubs to fix their problems instead of taking golf lessons – it’s an extremely powerful emotional one that a lot of golfers won’t have considered even exists – but it does in all of us

The process of buying shiny new clubs is in fact a positive experience for most golfers mentally (for a short time anyway) – as they will feel better about their equipment being new and have high hopes that their game will improve

Contrast that with the emotional basis of the decision to take a golf lesson or two

Which although you may have never thought of it in this way – can actually only happen when we admit to ourselves ‘that we don’t know how to do or improve something’

A feeling that no human ever likes to have – right?

The idea that we are powerless in any part of our lives is an extremely negative one

Which is why the first thing that I suggested needs to be done to get the most out of your golf lessons – is to make the decision to improve, solve the problem or learn

Making that conscious positive decision is the first critical step that you need to do before booking in for golf lessons as it overrides the feeling of being powerless to help yourself

Any idea from reading what’s above as to what the second thing is?

I’ll give you a clue – it’s the opposite of the ‘silver bullet’ approach

The second of the three things that need to happen before you even get to booking your golf lesson is to make the decision that once you have had your golf lesson you will set aside some time over the next few days or weeks

To actually implement what it is that you were told or shown during the lesson!

Now I’m aware that most golfers do lead busy lives and have plenty of other things to do as well as playing golf but making the commitment to set at least some time aside in the days or weeks after the golf lesson

Is probably one of the main distinguishing factors that I have observed over the years that separates those golfers who really go on to improve after a golf lesson and those who either don’t get better or in some cases – get worse after a golf lesson

Read that sentence again by the way as it was the important bit!

Think of it in this way;

Let’s say that a friend that you know well has some sort of health problem which isn’t life threatening but their quality of live would be improved by either getting rid of it or finding a way to manage it

After many months of you observing their struggle – they finally agree to your suggestion of heading off to the doctor to see what can be done about the problem

As you will be aware, the doctor would no doubt do a very good job of diagnosing the problem that they have and would of course suggest the best way to alleviate the problem that they know of

You learn all this of course when your friend returns from the doctor – elated that their problems are over – as all they need to do is take this pill and do a couple of other easy things

Told you so – you say, why did you wait so long to go?

‘I have no idea why I didn’t go earlier – the solution was way simpler than I imagined’ says your friend

A few months later though, you start to notice that the problem hasn’t really gone away for them and in fact it looks to be worse

So you say – what’s going on with you – I thought that problem was fixed?

Oh I just never had the time to go get the pills that were prescribed and I never felt like doing the other things I was supposed to do – it just seemed like a lot of effort………………….

Here’s my question for you……………..what would you say to that person?

I’m going to discuss that a bit more in ‘How to get the most out of your golf lessons – part three’ as well as taking a look at the last thing that needs to be done – before you book your golf lessons

Until then

Play well


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