Could sleeping more help to lower your golf score – part two?


“If you can’t sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying. It’s the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep.”Dale Carnegie

By Ian Hardie

In the post Could sleeping more help to lower your golf score?

I talked about a golfer who was heading out to play a game convinced that they probably wouldn’t play very well as they “hadn’t had much sleep last night”

That comment led me to wondering about the effect that the amount of sleep a golfer has – can have on a golfer’s performance during a round

Because I’m sure that golfer wasn’t alone in feeling like that

As for most of us the amount of sleep that we get in the days and weeks leading up to and ultimately on the night before a game – like a lot of other things in our life away from golf – isn’t always that easy to control

I have to admit that after spending some time doing some research into sleeping and it’s possible effects on golf performance I ended up like most of the golfers who try and improve their golf game by watching videos on YouTube and the like

More confused than when I started!

Because much like golf – the subject of ‘sleep’ has a massive amount of ‘experts’ out there

All of whom have very authoritative opinions and ideas but unfortunately each of them contradict each other in so many ways it’s not funny!

So I think that the best way to really answer the question will be to use the framework that I use when I’m outside of my areas of expertise

Which I have previously talked about on my Disclaimer page – which you can read here

Near the end of that first post I outlined one of the reasons that might convince you to attempt to get a little more sleep before your game of golf – which is that if you don’t

You will be extremely likely to lose focus at some point during your round of golf

Something that you may have experienced happening during a game of golf at some point as it is one of the main causes of ‘blow up’ holes – which some golfers have from time to time

The second reason that I have found that might convince you to attempt to get a little more sleep before your game of golf

Is that a lack of sleep for most golfers will mean a big drop in motivation

I can hear you thinking at this point – “of course I will be less motivated when I’m tired – duh”

Which is absolutely correct but here’s the important part to consider about that

If you turn up to your game of golf not fully motivated because you are tired, you will be unlikely to prepare for your game or warm-up as well as you normally would – in fact you may even just go from your car to the tee without any effort being made to get ready for your game at all

Not exactly the ideal way to set yourself up for a good game of golf!

More importantly, because you haven’t done your usual preparation or warm-up, there’s a pretty good chance that your first few shots or holes of your round aren’t going to be played as well as you would normally expect – which opens up the possibility of starting off down the path of being a negative golfer – and almost certainly means that you will be required to use the ideas in these posts How to recover from a poor start and How to recover from a poor start – part two

If you want to finish your round with any sort of respectable score

Or at the very least in a reasonable frame of mind

There are other things that a lack of motivation from not having enough sleep could cause as well like;

Not bothering to stop and change clubs if you feel you have the wrong one in your hand just before you hit

Not bothering to do this important thing before you play each round

Not checking how far you are away from the green before you choose the club for your shot

This list could go on and on – as you may be starting to realise

Look out for ‘Could sleeping more help to lower your golf score – part three?’ where I’m going to take a look at a method that I used to use when I played a lot of golf

Which helped me not only get enough sleep but also to prepare for the next day’s round

Until then

Play well


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