Does the time of the day that you play golf make a difference – part three?

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“You don’t lose your swing between the ninth green and the tenth tee, and you don’t lose your swing from one day to the next. If you think you do, something is going on that you don’t understand. A diary might help explain it to you.”Harvey Penick

By Ian Hardie

In the post Does the time of the day that you play golf make a difference – part two?

I suggested that the solution to the fact that playing golf early in the morning

Isn’t that good an idea if you look at how the Circadian Rhythm of a golfers body works

Would be to do a pre-game physical warm-up which in reality

Doesn’t need to be as big a thing as you might think as a lot of research suggests

That the optimum duration of a warm-up period is only 15 to 20 minutes done before

Flexibility or functional activities are undertaken – that means before hitting golf shots!

The point of the physical warm-up is to raise the body temperature to prepare the golfer

Physiologically and psychologically prior to playing their game

If you happened to miss the post that explained more about it – you can read it here

Because now I’m going to share something with you that is an anecdote of an actual

PGA Tour success story in overriding the natural tendencies of circadian rhythm on golfers

What I am going to share with you is something that very few people around the world

Will even know about and involves the advice given to one of the world’s best golfers

By a guy who is considered to be one of the best caddy’s in the world

I learned of it as a result of a conversation I had with a fellow golf professional a while back

A student of mine when he was a young golfer, who has since gone on to become

A well respected golf teacher himself – which is a rewarding thing to have been part of

Anyway, he happened to run into the caddy I mentioned above and as you can guess

By looking at the list of golfers he has caddied for over the years

Was very interested in asking the caddy as many questions as he could about the golfers

It turns out that one of the factors that made this caddy as successful as he has been

Is that he keeps extremely detailed records of a bunch of things

That relate to the performance of the golfer that he is caddying for at the time

Which means he has a lot of knowledge and information about winning major championships

Adam Scott may not have been aware of that when he hired him in mid-2011

He was soon to find out though, that the caddy knew a thing or two about the game

After a few months of working together the caddy presented the golfer with some data

That showed the golfers scores were a full shot worse on average in the early morning

Than it was if the golfer played in an afternoon round

Something that is pretty common for a lot of golfers around the world but as we all know

A single shot can win a professional tournament or a major championship

And there is generally an early start round in one of the first two days of the event

So the data presented was something of a game changer for the golfer as

It turned out that like most golfers who have an early tee time

Adam Scott didn’t really warm up that well for those early morning starts which is possibly

Why he was on average a full shot worse for each early morning round that he played

The caddy suggested that a solution to that problem would be to do something that another

Golfer that the caddy had worked for previously and won a few (106 to be exact) events did

Which was to get up a little earlier than most others would for those early tee times

To begin his pre-game preparations by spending 20 – 30 minutes on an exercise bike

Getting his body moving and as a result raising his body temperature sufficiently

To enable the golfer to be as close as possible to the physiological and psychological state

That the golfer would be in if they were playing an afternoon round before an early tee time

Just take a minute to read all that again and consider what was said

As you have just seen a glimpse into the efforts that it takes to be a major champion!

What can you take away from all that?

If playing your golf early is your only option – as it is for a lot of golfers

Experiment a little with doing a pre-leaving for golf warm-up to see what effect it can have

On your pre-game warm-up at the golf course

Who knows, that little bit of physical warm-up may take a shot or two off your score

It certainly seems to have helped Adam Scott a bit once he started doing it

Play well


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