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How to find the ‘sweet spot’ on your golf putter


“The best stroked putt in a lifetime does not bring the aesthetic satisfaction of a perfectly hit wood or iron shot. There is nothing to match the whoosh and soar, the almost magical flight of a beautifully hit drive or 5-iron.”Al Barkow

By Ian Hardie

Most golfers that I have met over the years would tell you that their golf putter only has three parts – the grip, the shaft and the putter head

Now while that is the basic make-up of a golf putter – there are two other parts of your golf putter that are quite important when it comes to good putting

Which means that they are definitely worth knowing about!

Firstly, almost all putters these days have some markings on the head that are there to either help you line up your putts or simply to indicate where the ‘measured centre’ of the putter head is

Some golfers seem to think that they are just there for decoration and in truth – some probably are as for quite a lot of golf putters (like the one in the image above)

The location of that line – is not actually the best place to hit your putt from

I’m going to come back to that part of the putter head soon, as the other part of the putter head that you really need to be aware of is called ‘the top edge’

The ‘top edge’ is the straight line made by the metal that is on the top of the putter face

It’s the part of the putter that is most used when lining up a putt – as of course it is what indicates to you that you have the putter set at a right angle to your target line

If you have no idea what I was just talking about there, then take a look at the posts  Lining up 101, Lining up 102, Lining up 103 and Lining up 104 – before going on

If you haven’t been using the ‘top edge’ of your putter as your reference point for lining up your putts up till now – then I would suggest grabbing a golf putter and a golf ball as soon as you can to try it out but before you do there is one more part of your golf putter that you need to know about that will really improve your putting if you haven’t ever been aware of it

Its name is something that you may have heard used in other sports over the years

The ‘sweet spot’ is effectively the point on the putter that transmits your putting stroke in the most efficient way or in other words the spot where your golf ball will receive the cleanest hit with no distortion from the putter head

Now you might be wondering what that’s all about and how it can even matter – after all

It’s just a putt isn’t it?

You are about to experience exactly why it matters and once you do

You will never underestimate how useful it is to not only find but of course attempt to hit all of your putts with ‘the sweet spot’ of your putter

What I want you to do is go grab your putter, a marker pen of some sort and (if you have one) an old fashioned pencil that has an eraser at the top – don’t worry if you haven’t got the pencil as you can use a finger instead – the pencil just allows more accuracy than your finger tip will

Now hold the top of the putter grip lightly between your thumb and forefinger in one hand with the putter face pointing directly at you – as if you were the golf hole

With either the eraser end of the pencil or your forefinger on your other hand I want you to tap the putter face as if you were trying to push it away from you

As you do so vary the spot of the putter face that you tap each time

You should notice that when you tap somewhere near the middle of the putter face – the putter moves away from you in a nice controlled fashion with the face staying pointed at you while moving away but as you tap further to each side of the putter face it starts to twist the head as you tap it and not move away as well

When you start tapping on the very edge of each side of the putter face

It’s amazing how much it twists instead of moving – isn’t it?

It makes sense that when you are trying to putt the golf ball in the most accurate way possible that you not only find the ‘sweet spot’ of your putter

But also that you try and hit every putt with that part of the putter

Now go through that same exercise again tapping the eraser or your finger all over the putter face until you can identify the part of the face that gives the least twist and the most stable movement of the putter head away from you

That will be the ‘sweet spot’ of your putter

In theory it will be exactly underneath the marking on the top of your putter (if it has one) but that’s not always the case with every putter

So if you can – put a little mark on the top edge of your putter face with the marker pen (or a bit of tape) to mark the ‘sweet spot’ – then re-test to make sure you have it right

If it is different to your markings on the top of your putter or your putter didn’t have any for a start – then make that line big enough so that it is visible to you

As I’m sure that you will be using that mark every time that you putt from now on

Play well


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