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How about golf tours for introverts?


“Golf is not, on the whole, a game for realists. By its exactitudes of measurement, it invites the attention of perfectionists.”Heywood Hale Broun

By Ian Hardie

Back when I wrote the article Is golf a game for introverts or extroverts?

I was looking to see if a theory that I had about the game was based on some truth

Having spent many years playing, thinking, teaching and writing about the game of golf

My belief was, that due to the very nature of the game and the demands of it

It had to attract more golfers that would identify as ‘introverted’ than ‘extroverted’

At that point most of my theory was based on observation and I suppose gut feeling

Something that is a very handy thing to listen to on the golf course – if you don’t already

As you may remember from that first article I set out to try and measure this theory a little more accurately by putting together an entirely un-scientific poll

Which you should be able to see just to the right of these words if you are reading this on Golf Habits or if you aren’t – you can find it here

Please take a second to add your answer to the poll before going any further!

Then share it in any way you can so I can get as many golfers answers as possible

In that first article I suggested that the common rule of thumb when it comes to human personalities is that around 70% of the population can be classified as ‘extroverts’

Leaving the other 30% of people to be classified as ‘introverts’

Remembering of course that these labels are just tendencies and that there is no such thing as a fully introverted or extroverted person

As we all have a blend of these tendencies going on depending on who we are with and what we are doing at any point in time

My feeling though, was that for the people who play golf – the numbers were a little different

In fact as you would have read about in that first article I think it’s the other way round

At this point in time the results of the poll support that theory perfectly

But the results of the poll are not what I want to talk about today

As an email that I got the other day from an avid Golf Habits reader called Andrew has made me consider an actual practical use

For my theory that there are more ‘introverted’ golfers than ‘extroverted golfers’

Andrew wrote: “……………..I really enjoyed your article on whether golfers are introverted or extroverted and added my vote to your poll on the ‘quite introverted’ side. As a golfer for a long time I have always wanted to go on a golf tour to play some different courses overseas but never have due to the fact that almost all of them are based around being in groups, sharing everything and more social activities than golf. I’m not interested in doing any of those things but would like to go on a tour that is based around an introverts needs – do you know of any golf tours that cater for introverts like me?…………………”

Having never been on or conducted a golf tour myself I had never considered that golf tours may not actually be that suitable for the bulk of the people that play the game of golf

But just take a minute to read Andrews email above again and consider that point!

So I set off to do a bit of digging around the internet and questioned a few people that I knew had been on golf tours and I discovered that Andrew was in actual fact quite correct

Not only could I not find a golf tour that specifically catered for introverts with things like single rooms and quiet periods built into the tour

I also struggled to find many that didn’t have things like ‘a welcoming party’, ‘group lessons before each days play’ and of course the worst thing for an introverted golfer – ‘tour party dinners’

All of those things above – are exactly what an ‘extrovert’ lives for – of course

Now, here’s where my research got really interesting

When I talked to the people who had been on tours who classified themselves as ‘introverts’

After their initial – “It was a great tour, I enjoyed it” answer which is the polite thing to say

The real answers started to come out with another question or two:

“Well, I did start to get a bit sick of going to the group dinner each night and having to come up with polite conversation when I didn’t want to”

“The group lessons before we played weren’t useful for me – one lady just kept on asking questions and the instructor wasn’t able to get to anyone else”

“After a week of doing almost everything with a bunch of strangers and sharing a room with a person I didn’t really like – I just wanted some time to myself”

“Every day I had sit on the bus beside this one lady who spent the whole time telling me about how great her grandkids were – I wasn’t able to get her to shut up or swap seats!”

Here’s the test for you – if you tend towards being an introvert you would have read those things above thinking – ‘How awful I wouldn’t enjoy that at all’

Which means that as far as I can find – there isn’t a golf tour available that would suit you!

This gives three possible options:

Firstly, you could decide that you will never ever go on a golf tour anywhere – as it just isn’t something that you can enjoy as an ‘introverted golfer’

Secondly, if you or someone that you know actually has or have been thinking of setting up tours that specifically cater for introverted golfers – please let me know by email here so that I can let Andrew know – as well as maybe promoting them on Golf Habits

Thirdly, and probably the most likely thing for you to do is to click here to send me an email set out the following way

In the box that says ‘Tell me more about:’ type in ‘Introverted Golf Tours’

Then in the box that says ‘What I really want to know is:’ type in the country you reside in, the country or area that you would like to tour, the length of time you think would be good and the month / year that might work for you, then most importantly

Put down your suggestions as to what the tour should and shouldn’t have in it

Who knows, if enough of you suggest a similar tour – it might just be able to be put together

To create the first ever (as far as I know) golf tour for introverts

One last thing, if what you have just read doesn’t really sit right with you – then you probably aren’t that introverted – so take a moment to think about the other golfer’s that you know

Would a golf tour specifically for introverts be something that they would enjoy?

If so, please forward this to them any way you can

Play well


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