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Are you determined to play better golf?


“For this game you need, above all things, to be in a tranquil frame of mind.” Harry Vardon

By Ian Hardie

As anyone who has played the game of golf for more than a few attempts will be aware – it’s a game that can very often

Take you on a mental and physical rollercoaster ride while you play it

At times you can feel like you have complete control over your mind, your body, your golf club and the direction that your golf ball is going to go in

While just as quickly all of those things can disappear without a trace

Leaving you feeling like you have absolutely no control whatsoever over your mind, your body, your golf club and least of all

Any control of the direction that your golf ball heads after you hit it

I expect that for some players a normal game of golf may give a similar experience to the one the people that are riding this rollercoaster are having in this video

Now you would be excused for thinking that this situation of having control and then losing it arises in direct relation to the level of experience and the skills of the player or in other words

The more time that player spends playing and learning the game – the less likely this is to happen

But you would be very wrong about that!

As for most players these things can vary between games, between the front and the back nine, between holes, during a hole or for some players – between each shot

Regardless of the skill level and experience of the player

This is what makes golf the intoxicating challenge that it is and will be a very large part of what attracted you to the game for a start and more importantly – what makes you keep playing

Just take a minute to think about all that…………….

Now of course, playing a game that is supposed to be fun and relaxing while having all those other things going on – is something that frustrates a lot of players after a while

Which is no doubt the reason that over the past 30 years I have come across many golfers who tell me that “they would like to play better golf”

Well, at least that’s what they say they want to do because the reality is that most of them do little more than say those words and then continue to do the same things as usual – as they continue to ride ‘the rollercoaster’ of golf

Having a good game then a bad game, a good nine then a bad nine, a good hole then a bad hole, a good shot then a bad shot……………..

Does that seem familiar to you or describe another golfer that you know?

Before I get to talk about the main cause that is behind all of all this I want to look at just what it is that golfers are actually suggesting when they tell me that “they would like to play better golf”

In reality the idea of playing better golf has very little to do with any single part of the game

It’s about improving the ability of the golfer to be able to control everything to do with their golf game – their mind, their body, their golf club and of course their golf ball – as often as they possibly can

There are basically two distinct paths that can lead to better golf for most players

The first path is one of acquiring better knowledge about the game and then applying it over time effectively to allow for an overall improvement in skills for the player

This is most commonly gained in the form of a series of golf lessons, combined with some practice by the player over a period of time – and as you may be aware is not the cheapest option out there but it’s still fairly effective when compared

To the standard option of asking others or finding free information

As the reality for most players is that attempting to learn or improve their golf using knowledge gained from friends, other golfers or the many free videos on the internet

Will only hold their progress back and possibly even confuse them so much that in their attempt to play better – they actually get worse

However, let’s face it – taking a bunch of golf lessons over the next year or two while you learn everything you need to about the game to improve your ability at it – is going to be pretty darned expensive

Which is why I have created a much better way to get that knowledge – which you can read about here if that’s something that interests you

The second path that can be taken is one of evaluating the current knowledge and skills of the player – then figuring out ways to refine the way the player approaches the game in an effort to focus the player better and allow their true ability to shine through

This can also be gained through a series of sustained – and often much more expensive – golf lessons by finding a teacher who understands high performance and the many facets that make that up

Much like the first path – attempting to do this using knowledge gained from friends, other golfers or the many free videos on the internet – will also be unlikely to allow the player to progress as well as they would like to

As most other players in the world have never played at a high enough level to understand what’s required

Making the choice of taking the series of even higher priced golf lessons seem ok

However, I have created a much more cost effective way to do this too – which you can read about here if that interests you

So, there you have what I think are the two basic paths of improvement that you can take to play better golf

Increasing your skills and knowledge or refining and focusing your current abilities

Which one do you think would suit you best and assist you to play better golf?

Now while both of those online programs will provide the information that you need to play better golf – there is of course one thing missing that I am not able to provide you with

‘What is this missing piece of the puzzle?’ – I hear you thinking

Let’s say you’ve been considering making an effort to play better golf for a while now

And you have decided the most suitable way for you to do that is either to:

Increase your skills and knowledge or refine and focus your current abilities

And while you have been reading this – you suddenly feel that spark of motivation to do it

You’re sick of being on the golf rollercoaster and ready to do what’s needed to play better golf

You’re determined that your game is going to improve and you are going to make this happen!

The question is – how will you continue this determination into actual lasting improvement?

I’m going to let you know how you can do that in ‘Are you determined to play better golf – part two?’ soon

Until then

Play well


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