Hi. I’m Ian Hardie.

I’ve been a Golf Coach for more than 30 years now, helping thousands of golfers to start the game, quickly improve their skills or unfortunately, rather more commonly – assist them to continue to play the game of golf – instead of giving it up due to the massive frustration they had with the game!

Most of the golf advice I give is different from almost anything else you read but if simple to follow and easy to implement ideas, that will give you an almost breath-taking speed of improvement in your golf game is something that interests you.
I’d suggest you spend some time here reading what I have to say.

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Books That Will Help your Golf Game


This is what your first golf lesson should have been

This book follows the journey of a frustrated golfer on the verge of giving up the game, that he once found to be so much fun, away because of what he believed to be his own lack of skill and ability to play properly. The book addresses the golfer’s issues in a logical sequence but in a way that is quite different to those traditional ideas and methods that you may have experienced by taking golf lessons elsewhere.


The Little Book of Putting

There are only basics in the game of golf, regardless of the level of golf that you play. Reducing the number of putts you have in a round is the easiest and quickest way to reduce your scores, handicap and gain consistency in your game. Take a minute to think about your last game: What your score would have been if you had holed every first putt you had? Regardless of the level of golf that you play, I bet it would have been a lot lower than it was. This book contains everything you need to know, to make that happen.


The Little Book of Sand Shots

Most golfers expectations of how they will play their sand shots have been set by watching the Tour Pros that they see on television, wandering into the sand trap with their sand wedge, opening up their stance and usually the face of their sand wedge, then calmly and effortlessly, the Tour Pro goes go on to produce magical shots out of the sand that send the golf ball out onto the green to easily finish near the hole – if it doesn’t go in first of course. When it comes to most golfers trying to do that sort of thing themselves on the golf course though, things are a little different and if they try to copy the techniques that they think they see those Tour Pros doing, the end result for most golfers is that their golf ball seldom, if ever, comes out first time. If it does come out at all.


The Little Book of Chipping

Chipping is a part of the game of golf that for whatever reason, most golfers never seem to be really taught how to do or if they were given some tuition at some point in their golfing career, they are generally shown a few basic ideas and then left to figure the rest out on their own. Which can be a bit of a problem when, depending on the skill level of the golfer, chipping can make up between 5 to 15% of your golf score on most days. Take a minute now to think about the last game of golf that you played. What score would you have had if every chip shot finished close enough to one putt?


The Little Book of Pitching

If you are a golfer that’s new to the game and wanting to learn the right way to pitch or an existing golfer that is struggling with your pitching, wanting to improve it or one of those many golfers who seems to always get a poor result when you pitch – this book is for you. As with the golf shot called chipping, the intention when pitching is to get the golf ball onto the green to enable you to then proceed to putt the golf ball into the hole as easily as possible and due to the longer distance that it is usually played from.


The Little Book of Shanking

Hiding away from the word and the entire subject simply isn’t going to sort the problem out for you because as soon as you have had a single one of them on the golf course, there is always that little question mark in your head as to when they will return – isn’t there? This book provides a quick and easy to implement combination of solutions. The question is – would you rather continue the agony that is shanking your golf shots or would you like to sort your problem out once and for all? Something that can happen as you will soon discover in The Little Book of Shanking.


How To Drive the Golf Ball as far as You Possibly Can

This book is a simple easy to follow step by step guide which will allow you to develop your driving by firstly providing you with an understanding of just what you need to do, then giving you a bunch of different experiences to apply to your game, all of which will allow you to develop your ability to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can. Now before you start thinking this book will only be for elite level golfers who can already hit the golf ball ‘for miles’ and just want to hit it further again. That’s not entirely correct – as in actual fact, the golfers who can benefit the most from driving the ball as far as they possibly can are the golfers who hit the ball a relatively short distance compared to other golfers.


The Practical Golf Psychology Book

Do any of these things apply to you?

Have you ever wondered why your golf is so inconsistent? Are you easily distracted by other golfers or things going on around you? Is your head full of different thoughts as to what you are supposed to do to hit the ball? Do you struggle to recover from ‘wasted shots’ or ‘poor holes’? Is frustration and anger a common part of your golf experience? Do you struggle to play well when it’s a ‘big event’? You aren’t alone if you experience any or all of those things listed above, in fact, they are just a small sample of the problems that the golfers who do my Practical Golf Psychology Workshop find the answers to.

The Practical Golf Psychology Book contains the most important parts of the workshop.


The Big Bundle – All My Current Books

That’s right, all of my current Books and Guides (in fact, even more books than are shown in the image) you or someone you can send this to as a gift, will get PDF copies of:

Simple Steps to Better Golf – Books One, Two and Three. The Little Book of Putting. The Little Book of Chipping. The Little Book of Pitching. The Little Book of Sand Shots. The Little Book of Shanking. How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can. How to decide whether you should give up golf. The Ultimate Guide to Golf Gloves. This is what your first golf lesson should have been and The Practical Golf Psychology Book

It’s almost everything you need to quickly and easily improve your (or someone’s that you know) golf game with hours of simple to understand and apply golf reading!

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