Why do we play golf – part four?

Why do we play golf - part four?


“Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots but you have to play the ball where it lies.” – Bobby Jones

By Ian Hardie

In the article Why do we play golf – part three? I thought it would be a good idea to see what sort of answers that I could get to the question as to exactly why it is that people around the world – still play golf – when there are so many other things that they could be doing these days.

To help with that I created a simple little poll that was titled Why do you play golf? – that you can find here and I can guarantee, will take you less than a minute to do if you haven’t already done it.

You may even recall that I had made it as easy as I possibly could by putting in some of the most common possible answers that I figured golfers would have – which were:

“For the exercise and fresh air”

“I enjoy the competitive aspects of the game”

“Simply for fun”

“I enjoy the personal challenge it provides”

“To get away from everyday life”

“I get to spend time with friends, family or workmates”

“I’m trying to become as good as I can be at the game”

“It’s the social aspect of it that I enjoy”

Now, even though I had thought that those eight possible answers would have covered almost anyone who did the poll, it appears I was wrong in that assumption.

A few people have provided answers in the “other” section so far that I hadn’t thought of and the one that stands out the most to me at this point is definitely:

“I can drink scotch and smoke cigars…”

Like me, you probably hadn’t ever had that on your list of reasons for playing golf but I suppose there could be worse reasons………………..

The thing I have found of most interest so far, is that the answer with the least votes, is the one that I thought people would have had as their most important reason.

That’s right “simply for fun” is the least popular reason people play golf at this point.

Meanwhile, jointly tied as the most important reasons (at time of writing) are “I enjoy the personal challenge it provides” and “I’m trying to become as good as I can be at the game.”

If you still haven’t added your two cents worth to the poll – you can do so here.

After mulling those early results over for a while, I decided that as (from what I can tell so far) most of the people who visit or read Golf Habits articles are clearly attracted to the game because of the personal challenge and development that it allows us to experience.

You may on occasion find it difficult to justify, just why it is that you are so strongly connected to such a seemingly meaningless (which is what a lot of people around the world think) game like golf.

Sometime ago, I came across a poem (I assume it’s a poem by the way, but as I used to ‘miss’ English at school quite a bit to play golf, I really have no idea) that I think can help you to understand just why it is that so many of us are attracted to this great game.

By the way, I’m also not sure how I came across the poem or who actually wrote it – so if you know more about it – please contact me here, so that I can attribute the author correctly.

Anyway, here is a great poem called “I am a golfer”


I am a golfer

It is not merely something that I do

It is who I am

Golf is not simply my escape

It is where I am supposed to be

It is not a place that I go

But a lifelong journey that I am taking

It is a passage that was shown to me

And that I will continue to show to others

When you understand all of this

You will then know me

And we will golf together


I have a feeling that will help you to understand more fully as to exactly why it is that you play the game of golf, while the rest of the world looks on wondering what you are up to.

By the way, the poem has been made in to the image at the start of this article – if you would like a bigger version to print as a poster.

Let me know here and I’ll email you a larger one.

Play well.


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